Who’s Who at the Lab

Every week, we feature a community member in our Wright Lab events newsletter.  Click on the images, below, for links to the full interviews.

Caleb Xiao
close up with person holding baby.
Sukhman Singh
Person sitting on rolling cart.
Maya Moore
Man with hat. Taking a picture of himself on a rooftop.
Isaac Mooney
headshot in front of apple tree.
Zihui (Mary) Zhang
headshot of person with cat in background.
Theophilus Human
headshot outdoors.
Brandon Ramirez
headshot of person in front of ferris wheel in background.
Nathan Suri
headshot of person in front of mountain range.
Thomas Penny
Person in foreground with decorated background of lights and trees.
Arianna García Caffaro
selfie of person with dog.
Vincent Balbarin
Close up of person in a hardhat standing in a radio telescope dish.
Pranav Sanghavi
person riding bicycle.
Fernando Antonio Flor
Person standing with arms outstretched and legs spread with black costume on with white lines on it.
Emily Pottebaum
Michael Jewell
Person standing in front of Irish scenery.
Jayden Farnsworth
Picture of person with bird.
Molly Watts
Sierra Weyhmiller
person sitting on tractor with cart of hay in front of building.
Tom Hurteau
person standing in front of a radio telescope holding equipment.
Will Tyndall
person standing by wall of books.
Peter Parker
Sierra Wilde
person holding bread.
Steve Lamoreaux
headshot of person with dog.
Sophia Hollick
Jorge Torres
Luis Saldana
person sitting in field.
Xiran Bai
Yogesh Patil
person standing holding coffee cup in front of trees, grass and road.
Samantha Pagan
person standing in front of blue box structure.
Talia Weiss
person standing in lab with equipment and hard hat
Iris Ponce
Michael Nuzzo
person in hard hat standing by experiment equipment.
Laura Havener
person standing in room by mounted dinosaur skull.
Claire Laffan
Charlie Baltay
Brian Koopman
Laura Newburgh
Penny Slocum
Scientist holding baby.
Sanah Bhimani
picture of mother and daughter
Paula Farnsworth
Jeff Ashenfelter
person on digger
James Nikkel
Tong Liu
James Wilhelmi
Hannah Carroll
Reina Maruyama
photograph of man popping out of door to accelerator
Frank Lopez
David Rabinowitz
Person driving front loader
Victoria Misenti

Who's Who Alumni

person sitting in a desert scene with sand with waves in it, looking at the sun.
Govinda Adhikari
Berndt Mueller
Person standing in front of wall.
Raghav Kunnawalkam Elayavalli
Avinay Bhat
person walking by the sea.
Yiqi Wang
person in convertible car close up.
Antonio Ereditato
person at football field in winter hat.
Taylor Dunnigan
person standing in front of liquid argon tank.
Domenico Franco
llama standing next to person.
Ben Foust
Matt King
Lauren Saunders
Hannah Bossi
person holding mug and wearing paper hatt
Will Thompson
person with three children
Gadi Afek
person holding up shirt that says "Jays"
Jay Hyun Jo
Emily Coates
person working on computer server
Alexander Behzad
photo of person outdoors
Caitie Beattie
Fernando Monteiro
Kelly Backes
picture of person teaching
Pranava Teja Surukuchi
headshot of scientist presenting
Jeremy Gaison
picture of scientis in tunnel with hard hat.
Bonnie Fleming
scientist looking at computers.
Mike Sas
headshot of scientist with computer.
Sumita Ghosh
scientist doing r&d in lab.
Ako Jamil
Audrey Francisco
Estella Barbosa de Souza
Lillian Vinston
Giacomo Scanavini
Danielle H. Speller
person with baby
Tom Langford
person in front of warhead
Shelly Lesher
Person doing carthweel on radio dish
Emily Kuhn