Faculty Positions

Theoretical Physics Professor at Yale University

Graduate Student Positions

If you are interested in working on a project that is not listed below, please feel free to contact the relevant faculty / PI of the project.

Undergraduate Opportunities

Research Opportunity: Transfer Reactions on Rare-Earth Nuclei

Analyse a dataset from an accelerator experiment and learn about low-energy nuclear structure and transfer reactions. Datasets include 174,176Yb(p,t), 162Dy(p,t) and 180Hf(p,t). You will need to know or learn how to program in root1, be self-motivated, and willing to learn. Knowledge of computer languages (C++, Python or R) is a plus. This analysis will be published in a peer-review journal.

Contact: Dr. Shelly Lesher, shelly.lesher@yale.edu

Faculty who may have openings for undergraduate researchers are as follows:

Data Science and Fundamental Physics

Data science projects in fundamental physics at Wright Lab (PDF)