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Advanced Prototyping Center Workshops

Wright Lab hosts regular workshops introducing capabilities and techniques for equipment found in the Advanced Prototyping Center (APC).  Workshop times are posted on our event calendar.  For more information about the workshops, please contact James Nikkel, the Associate Director for Instrumentation and Education.  For more information about our facilities, please see the Facilities page.

APC Workshop: Introduction to design for rapid prototyping

In this workshop we will cover how to get started designing parts for your projects that can be made simply and quickly with a CNC cutter or 3D printer. No prior experience is required, but having an idea for a project that you may want to get started on would be great.

Dates offered: 10/23/20, 03/03/21

APC 3D-Printing Workshop:  Introduction to design and fabrication

This one-hour workshop is for those who do not have much experience using or designing for 3D printers, and for those who would like to use the 3D printers housed in the Advanced Prototyping Center at Wright Lab. We will cover types of printers, capabilities, and some basics of design. After the workshop, you will have what you need to get started using 3D prints in your projects!

Dates offered:  03/01/2019, 10/02/2019

APC Laser Cutter Workshop: Slicing stuff up with light

This one-hour workshop is for those who would like to use the laser cutter housed in the Advanced Prototyping Center at Wright Lab.  We will cover basic usage and capabilities, and why laser cutters should be added to your arsenal of fabrication techniques.  

Dates offered: 03/27/2019

APC Abrasive Water Jet Cutting Workshop: There is no stopping supersonic sand!

This one-hour introductory workshop is for those who would like to use the abrasive water jet cutter housed in the Advanced Prototyping Center at Wright Lab.  These machines use high pressure water to accelerate finely crushed garnet to three times the speed of sound.  The resulting jet can quickly abrade its way through a wide variety of materials.  We will cover basic usage and capabilities, some specific advantages and disadvantages, and why using a little bit of sand and water can accelerate your project.

Dates offered: 05/24/2019

APC Laser and Water Cutting Workshop

This workshop is a quick-start guide to using the APC’s laser cutter and abrasive water jet cutter, and is ideal for those who have not used CNC cutters before and are interested in doing so. I will cover the workflow from design to fabrication as well as capabilities and limitations of the two techniques. Typical uses include cutting parts from sheets of material such as aluminum, glass, wood, and acrylic. However, we are always interested in new applications so feel free to come with questions and ideas.

Dates offered: 11/14/2019

APC Micro-Controller Workshop: Thermometers, barometers, anemometers, oh my!

This one-hour workshop is for those who would like to get started with using micro-controllers for their instrumentation needs.  Advances in programming environments have made using micro-controllers easier than ever, and their cost is hard to beat.  We will cover basic design, communication between sensors, and how to store data in a database.  By the end of the workshop, you will have learned that including micro-controllers in your project can be an inexpensive and surprisingly robust way to collect data and control systems in many circumstances.   

Dates offered:  03/02/2020

Computing Tutorials

To help serve the computational needs of the researchers at Wlab, we have developed a set of 1-hour computing tutorials aimed at the graduate student level. These will cover a range of topics targeted for the types of computational work performed at Wright Lab.

Introduction to Scientific Computing at Wright Lab

  • In-house computing resources
  • YCRC HPC systems: how-to and why-to
  • Examples of common work-flows at Wright Lab
  • Support available at Wright Lab and YCRC

Dates offered: 05/01/2019, 09/24/2019, 09/16/2020

Introduction to Yale Spinup and Cloud Computing Workshop

This workshop introduces participants to the key services offered by Yale Spinup Self-Service. Among the topics it will cover are identity and access management, resource management, cloud-hosted servers, cloud-based storage, database services, and container services.

Dates offered: 09/27/2022

Python for Data Analysis and Processing

  • Data Processing with numpy
  • Data Analysis with pandas
  • Plotting and presentation with Matplotlib

Dates offered: 10/28/2020

Scientific Parallel Processing

  • Parallel vs Serial processing
  • Single computer parallel processing
  • HPC parallelism
  • GPU parallelism

Containers for Scientific Computing

  • Introduce containers (Docker + Singularity)
  • Describe use case with examples
  • Reproducibility, portability, preservation
  • GPU acceleration inside containers

Preparing a Personal Website with GitHub Pages

We will go through creating personal/academic and project-based websites. This is a great way to showcase your research portfolio when applying for postdocs or external positions. 

This will be a hands-on session, so please:
- Create a free GitHub account (
- Bring some content that you would like to put on your website

Dates offered: 11/18/2020

Shop Orientations

Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Shop Orientations 

EHS Orientations are offered 6 times a year at Wright Lab–twice at the beginning of each semester and twice in the beginning of the summer.   The 1-hour orientation is required to be taken once by anyone who would like to gain access and make use of the teaching shop and the research support shop at Wright Lab

Introduction to the Wright Laboratory Shop Facilities

In this session you will be introduced to the various shops located at Wright Lab, hear about the services that are provided and meet the shop supervisors. This includes the Gibbs Shop, the Teaching Shop, the Research Support Shop, and the Advanced Prototyping Center. Please bring any questions you may have about fabrication, design, and how to get started!

Dates offered: 05/15/2019