Facilities for Research, Education and Innovation

Wright Lab clean room

Wright Laboratory supports research in fundamental physics by providing shared, on-site facilities for instrumentation development, experimental investigations, and training.


Advanced Prototyping Center
Yale University core facility

Coherent Meta2C laser cutter

Flow NanoJet Abrasive water jet cutter

Formlabs Form2 SLA and Dremel 3D20 FDM 3D printers

CAD room

CAD and Remote Operations Room

assembly of PROSPECT

Clean rooms

2 permanent class 10,000 clean rooms

a number of customizable “pop-up” clean rooms

refrigeration room

Cryogenic laboratory

with mezzanine for large refrigerated equipment

detector room

Detector development laboratory

Low background facility

The Vault

High-bay area “the Vault”

for instrument assembly and testing

J.W. Gibbs Professional Machine Shop
Yale University core facility

laser table Laser room
Research shop Research support shop
RF shielding RF room
Charles Brown in Teaching Shop

Teaching shop
Yale University core facility

woodworking area Wood shop
PI lab Investigator laboratories

The Wright Lab community also has access to both on-site computer servers and high performance computing at Yale’s Center for Research Computing.  

Please see the gallery for some additional images of the facilities.

Access to Yale University Core Facilities

Access to the Yale University core facility shops for members of the Yale community across Science Hill and beyond requires a Yale Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) orientation, offered at the beginning of each semester at Wright Lab, for both the Wright Lab shop users and their supervisors or faculty sponsors.   Additionally, shop users must demonstrate sufficient experience in the relevant facility to its supervisors.  For more information, please see the document How to Access and Use the Wright Lab Research Support Shop:  Procedures and Rules.

For introductory shop training, Yale offers the course PHYS 762:  Laboratory in Instrument Design and the Mechanical Arts.   Advanced Prototyping Center trainings are available on Tuesday mornings from 9a-12p; contact James Nikkel for more information.  For more information on access and training requirements, please contact Jeff Ashenfelter.