Who’s Who at the Lab-Estella Barbosa de Souza

Estella Barbosa de Souza
Graduate Student in Physics

What do you do here at Wright Lab?  I’m part of professor Reina Maruyama’s group working on the COSINE-100 experiment. In my analysis, I search for a dark matter-induced annual modulation signal in the low energy of our NaI(Tl) crystals. I’m now working on writing my dissertation. In addition to research, I also organize YPPDO events for the Wright Lab/Physics communities.

What is the most unique and/or exciting experience you’ve had here at Wright Lab? While hosting several YPPDO events in Wright Lab, I got the chance to show the new Lab to physics alumni, and discuss the current research and technology being developed there. But the most interesting thing was to hear from them what it looked like when they were at Yale (as the Wright Nuclear Structure Laboratory), and what they did when they were students here. That was a very unique experience, as it helped me see the Lab in the context of other people’s lives.

What is something that people might not know about you that you’d like to share with the community?  I think not everyone knows that I will be starting a new (non-academic) job after I’m done with my dissertation, and I’ll be moving to New York City for that.  Another thing is that I really love living in New Haven and I’ll miss it a lot.

Where do you like to work remotely? I work from different places around my apartment in East Rock. In my bedroom I have two work stations (one regular desk and one standing desk). But I also love to work from my kitchen and, sometimes, from the living room.