Alumni and Graduate Theses

The following is a list Wright Lab graduate alumni, with their thesis titles and advisors, from 1965 to the present.  More information about each of our graduate alumni is available on the Yale Department of Physics alumni webpage. Please also see our list of undergraduate research projects.

Wright Lab Graduate Alumni





2022 Benjamin Foust K. Heeger “Precise Measurement of the U-235 Antineutrino Energy Spectrum”
2022 Michael Oliver J.W. Harris “Measurement of Correlations Between Neutral Pions and Charged Hadrons in Heavy Ion Collisions with ALICE”
2022 Emma Castiglia S. Demers “Machine Learning for Tau Leptons and the Search for the Associated Production of a Higgs Boson with a Vector Boson, with the Higgs Boson Decaying to a Tau Pair at ATLAS”
2022 William Thompson R. Maruyama “Searching for Dark Matter with COSINE-100”
2022 Emily Kuhn L. Newburgh “Calibration Instrumentation for the Hydrogen Intensity and Real-time Analysis eXperiment (HIRAX)”
2021 David Stewart H. Caines “Jet to Event Activity Correlations in Small System Collisions at STAR”
2021 Jeremy Gaison K. Heeger “Measurement of the Reactor Antineutrino Spectrum of U-235 by PROSPECT and Daya Bay”
2021 Luis Saldana K. Heeger “Novel Signal Reconstruction Techniques in Cyclotron Radiation Emission Spectroscopy for Neutrino Mass Measurement”
2021 Kelly Backes S. Lamoreaux A quantum-enhanced search for dark matter axions
2021 Mariel Pettee S. Demers Interdisciplinary Machine Learning Methods for Particle Physics
2021 Christian Weber K. Baker New Search for H→ZZ_d→4l using pp collision data at √s=13 TeV with the ATLAS detector
2021 Yuqi Zhu D. DeMille Experiments with 87Rb: Towards Co-trapping 88Sr19F and 87Rb
2020 Supraja Balasubramanian B. Fleming A Differential Cross-Section Measurement of Muon Neutrino-Induced Charged Current Neutral Pion Production in MicroBooNE
2020 Estella Barbosa de Souza R. Maruyama A Model-Independent Search for Dark Matter-Induced Annual Modulation Signal with the COSINE-100 Experiment
2020 Christopher Davis R. Maruyama Search for Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay with Majoron Emission in CUORE
2020 Luyao Jiang J. Harris Nonreciprocal dynamics in a cryogenic optomechanical system
2020 Raymond Ehlers H. Caines Jet-Hadron Correlations Measured in Pb–Pb Collisions at $\sqrt{s_{\text{NN}}} = 5.02$ TeV with ALICE
2020 Brooke Russell B. Fleming An Electron Neutrino Appearance Search in MicroBooNE with 5$\times$10$^{19}$ POT
2020 Shilo Xia D. Moore Search for Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay and Detector Physics Measurements with the Final EXO-200 Dataset
2019 Salvatore Aiola J.W. Harris Jet and heavy-flavor measurements in pp and Pb–Pb collisions with ALICE
2019 Charles Brown J. Harris Optical, Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Superfluid Liquid Helium Drops Magnetically-Levitated in Vacuum
2019 Danielle Norcini K. Heeger A search for eV-scale sterile neutrinos and precision measurement of the U-235 antineutrino spectrum with the PROSPECT experiment
2019 Savannah Thais S. Demers Utilizing Electrons in the Search for Associated Higgs Production with the ATLAS Detector: Higgs decaying to a tau pair and vector boson decaying leptonically
2019 James Mulligan J.W. Harris Inclusive jet measurements in Pb-Pb collisions with ALICE
2018 Elena Gramellini B. Fleming Measurement of the negative pion and positive kaon total hadronic cross sections on argon at the LArIAT experiment
2018 Hackenburg, Ariana B. Fleming Measurement of a Neutrino-Induced Charged Current Single Neutral Pion Cross Section at MicroBooNE
2018 Cushman, Jeremy K. Heeger A search for neutrinoless double-beta decay in tellurium-130 with CUORE
2018 Lollo, Anthony J. Harris Phase slips in isolated mesoscopic superconducting rings
2017 Brubaker, Benjamin S. Lamoreaux First Results from the HAYSTAC axion search
2017 Horvat, Stephen H. Caines Measurement of the collision energy dependence of jet-quenching signatures of de-confinement at STAR
2017 Kashkanova, Anna J. Harris Optomechanics with Superfluid Helium
2017 Mason, David J. Harris Dynamical Behavior near Exceptional Points in an Optomechanical System
2017 Shkarin, Alexey J. Harris Quantum Optomechanics with Superfluid Helium
2017 Oh, Saehanseul J. Harris Correlations in particle production in proton-lead and lead-lead collisions at the LHC
2017 Adams, Corey B. Fleming First Detection of Low Energy Electron Neutrinos in Liquid Argon Time Projection Chambers
2016 Underwood, Mitchell J. Harris
Cryogenic Optomechanics with a Silicon Nitride Membrane
2016 Pierpoint, Zachary R. Maruyama  
2015 Hubbard, Antonia R. Maruyama Muon Induced Backgrounds in the DM-Ice17 NaI(Tl) Dark Matter Detector
2015 Pettus, Walter

K. Heeger, 
R. Maruyama

Cosmogenic Activation in NaI Detectors for Dark Matter Searches
2015 Cooper, Nathan V. Werner Structure of A=76 Nuclei and Fast-Timing Studies of the Rare-Earth Region
2014 Malagon, Ana O. K. Baker Search for 140 microeV Pseudoscalar and Vector Dark Matter Using Microwave Cavities
2010 Casperson, Robert V. Werner Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Mixed-Symmetry States and Large Boson Systems
2009 Qian, Jing A. Heinz  
2009 Williams, Elizabeth V. Werner A Study of Transitional Collective Behavior in Heavy Nuclei
2009 Winkler, Ryan A. Heinz Spectroscopy of 215Ac and (p,t) Studies of the Stable Palladium Isotopes
2008 Deibel, Catherine P.D. Parker The 26mAl(p,gamma)27Si Reaction Rate in ONe Novae
2008 Wrede, Christopher P.D. Parker Nuclear Energy Levels of 31S and Astrophysical Implications
2006 Meyer, Deseree R.F. Casten & C.W. Beausang Nuclear Structure Studies in the Rare Earth and Trans-lead Regions
2006 Parikh, Anuj P.D. Parker Production of 26Al in Oxygen-Neon-Magnesium Novae
2006 Ricard (McCutchan), E.A. R.F. Casten Critical Phase/Shape Transitions in Heavy Nuclei
2005 Lewis, Rachel P.D. Parker 26mAl + p Resonances in 27Si
2004 Hecht, Adam C.W. Beausang Nuclear Chiral Symmetry in the Mass A ~ 130 Region
2003 Caprio, Mark R.F. Casten Structure of Collective Modes in Transitional and Deformed Nuclei
2003 Visser, Dale P.D. Parker Particle Decay Branching Ratios for States of Astrophysical Importance in 19Ne
2002 Cooper, Jeffery R. Krücken Measurement of B(M1) Values in the Crossing Region of Shears Band 1 in 197Pb and Interpretation in the Semi-classical Model
2001 Novak, John R. C.W. Beausang Nuclear Structure of the Odd-Neutron Radon Isotopes 203,205,207Rn
1999 Bardayan, Daniel P.D. Parker Explosive 17F(p,γ)18Ne Burning Through the 3+ State in 18Ne
1999 Chen, Alan P.D. Parker The Structure of 22Mg and its Implications for Explosive Nucleosythesis
1999 Schwartz, Jazmin C. Lister Coulomb Excitation of a Radioactive Beam of 78Rb
1998 Butt, Yousaf M. P.D. Parker The Observation of the 3/2+ State of 19F at Ex=7101 keV and its Relation to Explosive Stellar Hydrogen Burning
1998 Pope, Joseph K. S. Kumar Light-Isotope Production in Relativistic Au-induced Nucleus-Nucleus Reactions
1998 Yildiz, Kazim O. P.D. Parker The Production of 26Al in the Early Solar System by the 16O(16O,x)26Algs and 14N(16O,x)26Algs Reactions
1997 Coe, Scott D. S. Kumar The Search for Strangelets in Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions
1997 France III, Ralph M. Gai Stellar Helium Burning: A Further Measurement of the Beta-Delayed Alpha-Particle Emission of 16N
1997 Nagle, James L. S. Kumar Antiproton Production and Search for Antideuterons and Negatively Charged Strange Quark Matter in Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions
1996 Bateman, Nicholas P. P.D. Parker The Production of 26Al in the Early Solar System by the 12C(16O,x)26Al0 Reaction
1996 Lund, Brian J. P.D. Parker Isospin Character of Transitions to the 2+1 and 3-1 states of 90,92,94,96Zr
1995 Bennett, Michael S. Kumar Antiproton Production in High Energy Au + Nucleus Collisions
1995 Chan, Kin Chi C. Lister The Search for Correlated Positron-Electron Emission in U+Ta Collisions near the Coulomb Barrier
1994 Blumenthal, Daniel C. Lister A Study of Cooling Following Compound Nuclear Reactions
1994 Kaloskamis, Nicholas C. Lister APEX: An Experiment to Study Correlated Positron-Electron Production in Heavy Ion Collisions
1994 Utku, Sinan P.D. Parker The Connection of the Hot CNO Cycle and the rp-Process at 18F
1993 Crowell, Benjamin P. Chowdhury High-K Isomers and Mechanisms of K-Violation
1993 Germani, Joseph S. Kumar Production of Light Nuclei in Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions
1993 Hahn, Kevin P.D. Parker The 17F (p,γ) 18Ne and 14O (α,p)17F reaction rates and the structure of 18Ne
1993 Levin,Craig J. Markey Sensitivity of a Highly Compressed Xenon Gas Ionization Chamber to the Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay of 136Xe
1993 Phlips, Bernard J.S. Greenberg Search for Low-Mass Short-Lived States Coupling to e+e-
1993 Zhao, Zhiping M. Gai The Astrophysical S-Factor of 12C (α,γ)16O from the Beta-Delayed Alpha-Particle Emission of 16N
1992 Ennis, Patrick J. C. Lister The Structure of the Exotic N = Z Nucleus 64Ge
1992 Greene, Senta S. Kumar Antiproton Production in Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions
1992 Mitchell, Jeffery S. Kumar Forward Baryon Distributions in Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions
1992 Rugari,Steven M. Gai Broken Reglection Symmetry (And Isospin Dependence Enhanced E1 Transition) in 114Xe
1991 Henderson, Stuart D. J.S. Greenberg A Search for Low-Mass Long-Lived States Coupling to e+e-
1990 Smith, Michael S. P.D. Parker The Onset and Breakout of the Stellar Hot CNO Cycle
1989 Hubbard, Kevin M. R. Weller Sputtering from a Liquid-Phase Ga-In Eutectic Alloy
1989 Kaurin, Michael G. R. Weller Emission of Positive Oxygen Ions from Bombardment of  Adsorbate-Covered Metal Surfaces
1988 Baumel, Laurie M. R. Weller Isotopic Composition of Boron Secondary Ions as a Function of Ion-beam Fluence
1988 Cowan, Thomas E. J.S. Greenberg Monoenergetic Positrons and Correlated Electrons from Superheavy Nuclear Collisions
1988 Dellagiacoma, Fabio F. Iachello Beta Decay of Odd Mass Nuclei in the Interacting Boson-Fermion Model
1988 Magnus, Paul V. P.D. Parker The 15O(α,γ)19Ne Reaction Rate and the rp Process
1987 Blauner, Patricia G. R. Weller Secondary Ion Emission from Aluminum and Uanodium Under Energetic Ion Bombordment
1987 Manoyan, John M. Y. Alhassid Shape Transitions in Hot Nuclei
1987 Sterbenz, Stephen M. D.A. Bromley Elastic Scattering of 14C+12C, 14C+16O, and 14C+18O
1986 Cottle, Paul D. D.A. Bromley Evidence for Intrinsic Reflection Asymmetric Nuclear Shapes
1986 Engle, Jonathan H. F. Iachello Octupole Degrees of Freedom in the Interacting Boson Model
1986 Gulmez, Erhan J. Cizewski High Angular Momentum Structure In A~140 Nuclei: 140Nd, 141Pm
1986 Hayes, Anna C. D.A. Bromley Microscopic Study of Enhanced E1 Transitions in 18O
1986 Lee, Suk-Joon M. Strayer Relativistic Mean Field Methods and Application to Axially Deformed Nuclei
1986 O’Connor, John P. R. Weller An Investigation of Sputtering and Secondary Ion Emission from Polycrystalline Metal Foils under MeV Heavy Ion Bombardment
1986 Shivakumar, Balasubramanian D.A. Bromley Equilibrium in Orbiting Heavy Ion Reactions
1986 Wang, Tzu-Fang P.D. Parker Proton Threshold States in 14O and 27Si
1985 Dichter, Bronislaw K. S.J. Sanders Search for Shape Isomers in 56Ni
1985 Schweppe, John E. J.S. Greenberg A Search for Spontaneous Positron Production in Heavy Ion - Atom Collisions
1985 Umar, Sait F. Iachello The Microscopic Study of Nuclear Molecular Phenomena
1985 Wu, Jianshi F. Iachello Group Theory Approach to Scattering
1985 Zingman, Jonathan A. Y. Alhassid Thermodynamics of Heated Rotating Nuclei
1984 Drigert, Mark W. J. Cizewski The Structure of 215, 219Ac
1984 Ennis, John F. D.A. Bromley Dipole Collectivity in 218Ra
1984 Ruscev, Mario D.A. Bromley Dipole Molecular Degrees of Freedom in 28Si and 18O and their Description within a U(4) Symmetry
1983 Schloemer, Edward C. D.A. Bromley Characterization of Molecular Phenomena and U(4) Symmetry in the 12C + 16O System
1983 Zouros, Theodoros J.M. J.S. Greenberg The Emission Anisotropy of X-Rays from Selected Transitions in Electronic Quasimolecules
1982 Champagne, Arthur E. P.D. Parker On the Existence of Threshold States in 26Al and Their Contribution to Its Production at Low Stellar Temperature
1982 Cunningham. Mark A. F. Iachello Multilevel Calculations in Odd-Mass Nuclei
1982 Kuyucak, Serdar F. Iachello Study of Spinor Symmetries in Nuclear Structure
1982 Rosenthal, Marc S. P.D. Parker High Spin States in 163Lu and 165Lu and Backbending in Rare Earth Nuclei
1982 Thomas, James H. P.D. Parker Ultra-Sensitive Mass Spectroscopy using a Tandem van de Graaff Accelerator to Detect 10Be and 26Al
1981 Anthony, John M. W.A. Lanford Charge Dependence of the Energy Loss of Heavy Ions in Matter
1981 LaMarche, Paul H. W.A. Lanford Hydrogen Surface Contamination in the Storage of Ultra-Cold Neutrons
1981 Willett, Stephen J. D.A. Bromley Spin Alignment in 12C+12C Inelastic Scattering
1980 DiCenzo, Stephanie B. D.A. Bromley Search for Resonance Phenomena in 28Si+28Si Reactions
1980 Groleau, Rejean D.A. Bromley Some Properties of the Two-Body Effective Interaction in the 208Pb Region
1980 Hindi, Munther M. P.D. Parker Cluster Structure of 8p-4h States in 20Ne
1980 Korotky, Steven K. K.A. Erb

Nuclear Molecular Orbital Effects and the 13C+13C→12C+14C Rearrangement Reaction

1980 Watson, Charles P.K. Haff Topics in Classical Kinetic Transport Theory with Applications to the Sputtering and Sputter-Induced Mass Fractionation of Solid Surfaces and Planetary Atmospheres
1979 Liarokapis, Efthymios J.S. Greenberg X-Rays from Selected Quasimolecular Transitions
1979 Tang, Henry Hong Ki D.A. Bromley Microscopic and Macroscopic Theories of Nuclear Dynamics
1978 Long, Jeffery M. D.A. Bromley A Measurement of the Total Isovector M1 Radiative Width of the 16.6-16.9 MeV Doublet IN 8Be
1978 Martz, Louis M. P.D. Parker Three-Nucleon Transfer Reactions and Cluster Structure in the A=15 to A=19 Nuclei
1978 Mortensen, Mark H. C.K. Bockelman The Collective Structure of Tungsten Nuclei
1978 Sherwood, George B. D.A. Bromley Sequential Transfers and Inelastic Transitions in Heavy-Ion Induced Transfer Reaction
1977 Sanders, Stephen J. P.D. Parker Spectroscopy of High Spin States in 16O and 20Ne using the X(12C, 8Be)Y*(α)X Reaction
1977 Tung, Peggy Pin D.A. Bromley Structural and Dynamic Sensitivity of Two-Proton Transfer Reactions in Mass 90 (N=50) Region
1977 Vincent, Paul J. J.S. Greenberg The X-Ray Spectroscopy of Electronic Quasimolecules
1975 Hadsell, Richard W. D.A. Bromley Search for High Spin States in Light Rigid Nuclei
1975 Hanson, David L. K.A. Erb Exotic Nuclear Reaction Mechanisms: Multistep Processes in Heavy-Ion Induced Transfer Reactions and Complex Particle Emission in the 12C + 14N Interaction
1975 Olmer, Catherine K.A. Erb Heavy-Ion Induced Multinucleon Transfer Reactions in the 2s-1d Shell
1975 Peschel, Richard  E. D.A. Bromley The Radiative Capture Reactions 40Ca (α,γ) 44Ti and 48Ca(α,γ)52Ti in the Region of the Giant Dipole Resonance
1974 Ayik, Sakir J.N. Ginocchio Operator Averages and Applications in Light Nuclei
1974 Chua, Lowry T. D.A. Bromley Neutron Transfer between Identical Cores
1974 Cobern, Martin E. P.D. Parker A Study of (7Li,t) Reactions on Light Nuclei
1974 Maguire, Charles M. C.K. Bockelman The Spectrum of 205Pb as Excited by the (d,p) Reaction
1974 Shaw, Alan H. J.S. Greenberg Measurement of Transition Quadrupole and Hexadecapole Moments in Even-Even Rare Earth Nuclei
1974 Shapira, Daniel D.A. Bromley Statistical Effects in the Interactions of Complex Nuclei
1974 Yen, Ming-Ming King J.N. Ginocchio The Angular Momentum Dependence of the Distribution of Shell Model Eigenenergies
1973 Ayoub, Edward E. D.A. Bromley Compound Particle-Core Coupled States and Direct Nuclear Processes
1973 Cleary, Terrance P. D.A. Bromley, Nelson Stein The Nuclear Structure of Bismuth-209: Macroscopic and Microscopic
1973 King Jr., Charles E. D.A. Bromley Multistep Processes in Nuclear Transfer Reactions
1973 McVay, Lance J. C.K. Bockelman Single-Neutron Transfer Reactions in the p + 172Yb System: Observation of Multi-step Nuclear Processes
1973 Pisano Jr., Daniel J. P.D. Parker A Study of the (3He, 7Be) Reaction: A Coupled-Channels Finite-Range Analysis
1973 Wieland, Richard M. D.A. Bromley Nuclear Structure in the Continuum - Magnesium-24
1972 Fritts, Martin P.D. Parker A Study of Nucleon-Nucleon Interactions in a Four-Body Final State
1972 Metz, William D. C.K. Bockelman Evidence for Particle-Vibration Coupling in 49Ca
1972 Reilly, Wilfred J. D.A. Bromley The Elastic Scattering of Identical Bosons
1972 Rickertsen, Larry R. Ascuitto Inelastic Heavy Ion Scattering
1972 Shay, Henry D. D.A. Bromley Radiative Helion Capture in 12C and 16O
1972 Skwiersky, Bruce M. P.D. Parker Study of T=3/2 States in 17F
1972 Thompson, William B. P.D. Parker A Study of the Charged Particle Emissions of 12C Following Proton Capture by 11B
1971 Kovar, Dennis G. C.K. Bockelman A Study of Two Particle-One Hole States in Pb209 by Means of the (d,p) Reaction
1971 Sie, Soey H. J.S. Greenberg Magnetic Moments of Excited States in Os188 and Os192
1970 Aponick Jr., Anthony D.A.Bromley The Shapes of Rare Earth Nuclei
1970 Brassard, Claude D.A. Bromley Microscopic Structure of the C12 Giant Resonances
1970 Craig, George D. D.A. Bromley A Deformed Nuclear Shell Model with Application to Neon, Magnesium, and Silicon Isotopes
1970 Freidman, Marvin I. I. Kelson & D.A. Bromley Microscopic Bases of Collectivity in Light Nuclei
1970 Holland Jr., George E. D.A. Bromley Two Neutron Transfer from Nuclei Near Single and Double Closed Shells
1970 Vary, James P. J.N. Ginocchio Approximate Treatment of Correlations in Nuclear Spectroscopy: Applications to the Lead Region
1970 Wasielewski, Paul D.A. Bromley Application of Coriolis-Coupling Model to Odd-Odd Nuclei in the 2s-1d and 1f-2p Shells
1969 Hirko, Richard G. D.A. Bromley Structure of the SD Shell Nuclei
1969 Lindgren, Richard A. D.A. Bromley A Study of Light Rigid Rotor Nuclei
1969 Maher Jr., James V. D.A. Bromley The Nuclear Interaction of Oxygen with Oxygen
1968 Comfort, Joseph R. C.K. Bockelman Nuclear Structure of Manganese-56
1968 LeVine, Michael J. P.D. Parker Study of T=3/2 States in N13
1967 Casten, Richard F. J.S. Greenberg Collective Nuclear Structure Studies in the Osmium Nuclei
1966 Bishop, Edwin J.S. Greenberg Coulomb Excitation in Odd-A Rare-Earth Nuclei
1966 Poth, James E. D.A. Bromley Boron Induced Transfer Reactions
1965 Allen, Joseph P. D.A. Bromley Studies of Odd-A Nuclei in the 2s-1d Shell
1965 Birnbaum, Joel D.A.Bromley Studies of Nuclear Transfer Reactions at High Energy
1965 Nagatani, Kunio D.A. Bromley Study of the Deuteron Plus Alpha Particle Breakup Reactions
1965 Seaman, Gregory, G. D.A. Bromley,  J.S. Greenberg Multiple Coulomb Excitation Studies in Even-Even Samarium Nuclei