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Wright Lab Director
Karsten Heeger
Karsten Heeger

 The Wright Lab Director is responsible for providing the overall scientific and administrative leadership and vision of Wright Laboratory.  The Director is assisted in this task by the following positions:

Associate Director for Operations
Jeff Ashenfelter

The Associate Director for Operations is responsible for overseeing the Wright Lab facilities, including shops and office and laboratory space, and technical personnel at Wright Laboratory.  This position includes ensuring safety requirements as established by Yale Environmental Health and Safety are met.

Associate Director for Instrumentation and Education

James Nikkel

The Associate Director for Instrumentation and Education is responsible for developing the instrumentation initiative at Wright Lab and overseeing the operation of the Advanced Prototyping Center.  He also is the lead for developing and teaching workshops, courses and training programs related to the activities and shared core facilities at Wright Lab.

Program Manager

Victoria Misenti

The Program Manager is responsible for partnering with the Director to conceive, develop and execute the strategic vision and programming for the Wright Laboratory.  Areas of responsibility include: administration, development / fundraising, outreach, visibility and communications, and financial oversight for individual initiatives.  

Shop Supervisors

J.W. Gibbs Professional Shop: Vincent Bernardo
Wright Lab Research Shop:  Craig Miller
Wright Lab Teaching Shop: David Johnson

Technical Support:

Edwin Baez, Thomas Barker, Rosario Bernardo, William Emmett, William Fortune, Tom Hurteau, Francisco Lopez,  Michael Nuzzo, Edwin Pike

Computing Support: 

Alexander Behzad
Andrew Currie
Thomas Langford

 Wright Lab has computing support for researchers and staff through the Physics Department and in collaboration with the Yale Center for Research Computing.

Administrative Support:

Paula Farnsworth
Kimberly Tighe
Lillian Vinston

Wright Lab Committees

Experiment Advisory Committee (EAC): The charge of this committee is to help research groups develop an experimental plan for their work in the shared facilities at Wright Lab, assess any concerns that may arise from a new project, and provide guidance towards best practices. The committee will also assist with the lab-wide coordination of space in the shared facilities, keep an up-to-date plan of lab usage, and help coordinate ongoing and planned experimental work. If requested, the committee may also assist in reviewing plans for experiments in individual PI labs.

Members: James Nikkel (chair), Jeff Ashenfelter, Sid Cahn and Steve Lamoreaux. 

Wright Lab Shop Committee: This committee is asked to advise the Wright Lab Director and the Office of the Provost on issues related to the machine shops and shared technical areas in Wright Lab.

Members: Jeff Ashenfelter, Vincent Bernardo, Sid Cahn, Lisa D’Angelo, Karsten Heeger, David Johnson, Francisco Lopez, Craig Miller, James Nikkel, Kurt Zilm

Seminar Committees: Wright Lab hosts three regular seminars and two regular discussion groups.  The coordinators for each for 2020-21 are listed below.

  • NPA: Brian Koopman, Mike Sas, Pranava Teja Surukuchi
  • WIDG: Ako Jamil, Tong Liu, Giacomo Scanavini
  • YPPDO: Mary Lou Bailey, Emma Castiglia
  • DMDG: Reina Maruyama, Priyamvada Natarajan
  • Instrumentation Lunch:  Karsten Heeger, James Nikkel