Experiment Advisory Committee (EAC): The charge of this committee is to help research groups develop an experimental plan for their work in the shared facilities at Wright Lab, assess any concerns that may arise from a new project, and provide guidance towards best practices. The committee will also assist with the lab-wide coordination of space in the shared facilities, keep an up-to-date plan of lab usage, and help coordinate ongoing and planned experimental work. If requested, the committee may also assist in reviewing plans for experiments in individual PI labs.

Members: James Nikkel (chair), Jeff Ashenfelter, Sid Cahn and Steve Lamoreaux. 

Wright Lab Faculty Committee:  

Members: Keith Baker, Charles Baltay, Helen Caines, Laura Havener, Jack Harris, John Harris, Karsten Heeger, Steve Lamoreaux, Reina Maruyama, David Moore, Laura Newburgh, James Nikkel, David Rabinowitz, Paul Tipton

Wright Lab faculty meetings

Wright Lab Shop Committee: This committee is asked to advise the Wright Lab Director and the Office of the Provost on issues related to the machine shops and shared technical areas in Wright Lab.

Members: Jeff Ashenfelter, Vincent Bernardo, Sid Cahn, Lisa D’Angelo, Karsten Heeger, David Johnson, Francisco Lopez, Craig Miller, James Nikkel, Kurt Zilm

Seminar Committees: Wright Lab hosts three regular seminars and three regular discussion groups.  The coordinators for each for 2023-24 are listed below.

  • NPA:  Isaac Mooney, Sabrina Zacarias
  • WIDG: Youqi Song, Yu-Han Tseng
  • YPPDO: Fernando Flor
  • DMDG: Reina Maruyama, Priyamvada Natarajan
  • The Elusives Journal Club:  Xiran Bai, Eleanor Graham
  • Instrumentation Lunch:  Karsten Heeger, James Nikkel