Who’s Who at the Lab-Giacomo Scanavini

Giacomo Scanavini
Graduate Student in Physics

What do you do here at Wright Lab? 

I work with Bonnie Fleming on the MicroBooNE and SBND experiments, which are large (>100 ton) liquid argon time projection chambers (LArTPCs) accelerator-based neutrino experiments. I am involved in the field cage assembly for SBND and the Low Energy Excess (LEE) analysis in MicroBooNE. We are also building our own small LArTPC in our lab at Wright Lab. 

What is the most unique and/or exciting experience you’ve had here at Wright Lab? 

A pretty exciting experience was taking the machine shop class offered at Wright Lab during my first year–it was fun and useful. I had the chance to meet other people in our community and challenge myself during the weekly hands-on classes. I suggest it to everyone.

What is something that people might not know about you that you’d like to share with the community? 

I once made tiramisu for an event here in the US. A guy contacted me some days later because a girl he liked kept mentioning how good the dessert was, so he wanted to learn to make it for her. We made one together, and what I like to believe is that my tiramisu is so good that it can make people fall in love, as I later discovered they had gotten together.

Where do you like to work remotely?

I mostly work remotely using the desk in my bedroom.  When I feel like it’s time for a change I move to the table in the kitchen for a while.