Who’s Who at the Lab-Lillian Vinston

Lillian Vinston
Administrative Associate

What do you do here at Wright Lab? 

When I am asked what I do at Wright Lab, my typical response to this question is usually, “Whatever needs to be done.”  My primary responsibilities include supporting the faculty, students, staff, and the many research groups at Wright Lab.  I order lab supplies, process expense reports, and coordinate travel, seminars, and conferences.  It takes all of us to make the lab work, so working with my co-workers ensures the smooth, seamless operation of the Wright Lab as we serve as backup for each other. 

What is the most unique and/or exciting experience you’ve had here at Wright Lab? 

It is always exciting to see new students come in nervous and anxious and then leave with real confidence and purpose.  As I watch them develop, knowing that they will do well, they somehow become family.  I find myself invested in them and applauding their success.  Planning their celebration and realizing that they are now going off to do what they have been trained to do, gives me a sense of pride, like a mama bear, knowing that their work happened here in Wright Lab, and I might have helped them in a small way.

What is something that people might not know about you that you’d like to share with the community? 

I come from a very large close-knit family, two boys and eight girls. I had a sister that was killed by a drunk driver, and so that led me to do some work with MADD.  Also, for those that don’t know, but so graciously wish me a happy birthday every day that they came into the office (because every day is a present), the anniversary of my birthday is actually June 22nd and this might be a little known fact.  I am also a homebody and have traveled to many countries, but my favorite place is always home. 

Where do you like to work remotely?

Although I tend to work all over my house – from office to bedroom – I have finally chosen the kitchen as my workspace since it keeps me more motivated.  It has lots of sunlight and it is close to the refrigerator.  While I don’t enjoy cooking, there is always something in there to snack on.