Who’s Who at the Lab-Bonnie Fleming

picture of scientis in tunnel with hard hat.
Bonnie Fleming
Professor of Physics

What do you do here at Wright Lab?  I am a neutrino experimentalist at Yale. My work focuses on accelerator based neutrino oscillation and neutrino scattering physics.  My group works on both experiments at Fermilab and detector R&D with liquid noble gas detectors in our lab at Yale.  At Fermilab, our primary experiment right now is MicroBooNE which is on the cusp of first results.  We also collaborate on SBND and recently built, at Wright Lab, large components for the SBND TPC.  In the farther future, we collaborate on the DUNE experiment, and plan for Wright Lab to be one of the three US sites constructing the wire chamber planes for DUNE.

What is the most unique and/or exciting experience you’ve had here at Wright Lab? 

Wright Lab and its infrastructure and people have made construction of large components for particle physics experiments possible. This is very unique for a university environment!  For MicroBooNE, then SBND, and looking forward for DUNE, we have constructed, and will construct wire chamber planes, field cage, high voltage, and smaller components for these detector elements. 

What is something that people might not know about you that you’d like to share with the community? 

We live in Guilford in a very old farmhouse with a number of barns, gardens, and many chickens. My kids (Sam, Jack, and Cora) have a farm stand where they regularly sell fresh eggs from our chickens.

chickens in coopyoung boy at farm stand.

Where do you like to work remotely?

I’ve learned to work from anywhere!  So I have several “favorite” places including a small office at home, or just at our kitchen table.  In the most trying of times, I’ve learned to work outside (need signal), and even in the basement mechanical room, when there was simply no other place to be with the rest of my family also working from home.