NNPSS 2018 Program

NNPSS 2018 program agenda

Confirmed speakers for NNPSS 2018

Thomas Ullrich, Yale University / Brookhaven National Laboratory

Hadron Structure Physics
Alexei Prokudin, JLab

Anselm Vossen, Duke

Heavy Ion Physics
Megan Connors, Georgia State University

Bjoern Schenke, Brookhaven National Laboratory

Diana Parno, Carnegie Mellon University

Michael Ramsey-Musolf, UMass Amherst

Neutrons and Fundamental Symmetries
Susan Gardner, University of Kentucky

Chen-Yu Liu, Indiana University

Nuclear Astrophysics
Gail McLaughlin, North Carolina State University

Chris Wrede, Michigan State University

Nuclear Structure
Mark Caprio, University of Notre Dame

Alexandra Gade, Michigan State University

Art and Nuclear Science - Agnes Mocsy, Pratt Institute
Frontiers of Instrumentation in Nuclear Science - Paul O’Connor, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Nuclear Data - Elizabeth McCutchan, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Nuclear Science and National Security - Anna Hayes, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Sterile neutrinos: Have we discovered a new particle? - Michelle Dolinski, Drexel University

X-ray and Gamma-ray Imaging in Medicine - Chi Liu, Yale University

Introduction to HPC
Theoretical Computing
Using HPC to simulate experiments

Field Trip

Brookhaven National Laboratory