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Summer Student Research Program at Wright Lab

Yale Wright Laboratory offers undergraduate and postgraduate researchers from Yale and from other institutions and select local high school students cutting-edge, hands-on experiences in experimental nuclear, particle, and astrophysics; quantum science; and instrumentation. Students and postgraduate associates at Wright Lab participate in fundamental physics experiments on campus at Yale and around the world. They develop, build, and use advanced instrumentation and technologies for research; analyze data; and acquire skills for successful careers in graduate school and beyond.  

The Summer Student Research Program at Wright Lab is an annual program, sponsored by Wright Lab since 2018.  In 2022, the program expanded and is now co-sponsored along with the Yale Physics Department, the Yale Astronomy Department, the Yale Quantum Institute (YQI).  

Opportunities include: 

More information about the current year’s program is below.

2024 summer program

June 2-July 26, 2024

Applications for Summer 2024 are closed.  

Wright Lab summer research opportunities for undergraduates, postgraduates, and local high school students are available for summer 2024 (June 2-July 26, 2024). The Wright Lab program includes students from the following programs:  

Contact Wright Lab program manager Victoria Misenti for more information.

Summer and Postgraduate Research Opportunities flyer (PDF)

Past summer programs

2023 Summer Programming for Student Researchers at Wright Lab

2022 Summer Programming for Student Researchers at Wright Lab

DOE Research Traineeship for Diversity in Nuclear Physics at Wright Lab

2018 National Nuclear Physics Summer School at Yale

2022 ONAOSI-Yale Undergraduate Research Experience in Instrumentation

NNPSS 2018 participants at WL