2023 Summer Programming for Undergraduates at Wright Lab

All student researchers working at Wright Lab (WL), the Yale Physics Department, the Yale Astronomy Department, and the Yale Quantum Institute (YQI) in Summer 2023 are welcome to join for the following activities:

June 5 people standing around in ta group in a hallway.

“Coffee time” at WL to welcome student researchers, Orientation

June 8 logo. Hands-on computing workshop for Wright Lab researchers (Python, Linux, etc.)
June 9 person giving a talk. YQI seminar + pizza lunch
June 12 person opening laser printer and looking at printed item. Introduction to the Advanced Prototyping Center
June 13 group of people sitting at a table listening to an instructor. EHS Orientation for WL shops
June 14 flyer. Introduction to Quantum Computing Workshop @ YQI
June 16 lab. Tour of YQI superconducting qubit labs + lunch
June 21 picture of yale campus with people walking on it. Walking tour of Yale 
June 21 observatory building. Evening at Leitner Family Observatory and Planetarium
June 23 abstract picture that includes lines and a face with green glasses. International Festival of Arts & Ideas “Beneath the Green, The Quantum”
June 28 person giving presentation to audience. Science Communication: Presentation and panel on preparing papers, conferences, scientific talks, and outreach
June 30 group of people standing around eating pizza. Mid-summer pizza lunch with the community
July 5 people sitting at a table with books on pillows in front of them watching an instructor at a screen. Beinecke library experience
July 7 people working in a library at a table. Resumes and websites workshop + pizza lunch
July 10 people looking at a cloud chamber in the dark. Outreach opportunity: Yale Pathways to Science Summer Scholars Discover the Invisible Universe at Wright Lab
July 12 people sitting at conference tables in a u-shape. Applying to graduate schools panel + pizza lunch
July 14 logo. Physics open mic at YQI
July 19 9 people posing in front of a building with masks on. Tour of Wright Lab
July 25-26 astronomy at yale title on background with nebula and stars. Yale Astronomy Summer Research Symposium
July 27 oerson standing in front of scientific poster. Designing slides to present scientific results” workshop
August 4 person giving a presentation in front of a display. Final presentations and luncheon for WL summer students

Summer students are also invited to join our regular events, including seminars, outreach, and other events.  

large group of people posing in front of a building with black Wright Lab T-shirts on.

Co-sponsored by  Wright Lab (WL), the Yale Physics Department, the Yale Astronomy Department, and the Yale Quantum Institute (YQI).