Undergraduate Research Projects

Below is a list of recent undergraduate research projects at Wright Lab.

PI-directed Undergraduate Research Projects
graduation year name advisor project
2027 Ingrid Slattery J. Harris  
2027 Kelly Dai R. Maruyama ALPHA, HAYSTAC
2027 Elisa Kim RHIG  
2027 Diya Naik K. Heeger CUORE/CUPID
2027 Lily Shukla RHIG  
2026 Iffat Zarif R. Maruyama CUORE
2026 Matthew Dobre R. Maruyama HAYSTAC
2026 Quinn Ennis R. Maruyama HAYSTAC
2026 Daniel Zhang RHIG pfRICH effort (EIC)
2025 Din Tolj R. Maruyama TBD
2025 Jason Guo L. Newburgh Simons Obs.
2025 Wayne Ariston D. Moore nEXO
2025 Aaron Chizhik B. Fleming, K. Heeger MicroBooNE, Project 8
2025 Spencer Greenfield L. Newburgh Analyzing Drone Data from Flights Over Green Bank Observatory
2025 Forrest Hutchison C. Baltay “Constraining Cosmological Parameters with Large Scale Structure Observations from DESI”
2025 Ana Maria Melián L. Newburgh “Expanding Drone Beam Mapping to All Radio Telescopes”
2025 Emily Peng D. Moore “Constructing and exploring methods to load nanospheres into an optical trap”
2025 Quazi Rumman Rahman C. Baltay  
2025 Coryell Smith D. Moore  
2024 Rose Branson S. Demers Mu2e, Pattern Recognition Algorithm Improvements; Feasiblity Studies on π+ Beam and Decays
2024 Audrey Cesene L. Newburgh Drone Calibration
2024 Zixin (Jessie) Chen D. Moore nEXO
2024 JianHui Chen RHIG  
2024 Elsa Durcan R. Maruyama RAY
2024 Sophia Getz R. Maruyama RAY
2024 Annie Giman R. Maruyama RAY
2024 Argyris Manes K. Baker “Quantum Machine Learning Models detect flaws in the thermal profile of the Stave Cores for the ATLAS ITk”
2024 Luke Mozarsky RHIG, D. Moore STAR, SIMPLE
2024 Juan Recoaro D. Moore SIMPLE
2024 Audrey Whitmer S. Demers Mu2e, Algorithmic Optimizations
2024 Barkotel Zemenu D. Moore nEXO
2023 Marvin Durogene K. Baker  
2023 Caitlin Gainey R. Maruyama, S. Demers CUORE/CUPID, ATLAS
2023 John Gunderson R. Maruyama COSINE-100
2023 Alexandra Hasland-Gourley S. Demers ATLAS
2023 Tausif Hossain S. Demers Mu2e, Algorithmic Optimizations
2023 Neal Ma R. Maruyama CUORE/CUPID
2023 Alexa Murray L. Newburgh CHIME Analysis
2023 Matthew Murphy S. Demers ATLAS, Run 3 Event Picking
2023 Kohsuke Sato C. Baltay QUEST
2023 Trey Skidmore D. Moore  
2023 Shayaan Subzwari K. Heeger Project 8
2023 Dawson Thomas S. Demers ATLAS; Mu2e, Preliminary Study of Calorimetric Photon Trigger with Track Veto
2023 Giovanna Truong J. Harris  
2022 Sarah Dickson D. Moore SIMPLE
2022 Ryan Flynn D. Moore  
2022 Luke Grossman C. Baltay COSINE-100
2022 Maile Harris L. Newburgh Drone Calibration
2022 Eitan Minsky-Fenick D. DeMille  
2022 Daniel Qenani O. K. Baker  
2022 Matthew Schneider C. Baltay  
2022 Ema Smith L. Newburgh HIRAX
2022 Will Sun Jack Harris  
2022 Sebastian Tsai L. Newburgh Thermometry for Simons Observatory
2022 Jean Wang R. Maruyama HAYSTAC
2022 Grace Zdeblick    
2022 Yiming Zhang Jack Harris  
2022 Andrew Zheng R. Maruyama RAY
2022 Laura Zhou R. Maruyama RAY
2021 India Bhalla-Ladd K. Heeger; S. Demers PROSPECT; “M2T: Late-Projected Transverse Mass Calculation in a Search for VH,H→ττ in ATLAS Run 2”
2021 Shoumik Chowdhury D. Moore SIMPLE
2021 Rachel Cohen S. Demers Situating Science Podcast
2021 Krish Desai L. Newburgh Digital Noise Source Development
2021 Gabe Hoshino R. Maruyama Measurements with a Desktop Muon Detector
2021 Robert Howard C. Baltay SNID/WFIRST “Identifying Halo RR Lyrae Stars to Better Understand Galactic Structure”
2021 Charlotte Kavaler D. Moore nEXO
2021 Claire Laffan S. Demers Mu2E, ATLAS “Mass Reconstruction Algorithm Tuning for the VH→ττ Channel at ATLAS”
2021 Alexander Lathem C. Baltay; D. Moore “Calibration of Type Ia Supernova Photometry”; “Outgassing of Electronegative Impurities in nEXO Candidate Polymers”
2021 Lucy McEwan S. Lesher “Erbium 168 Transition Probabilities from Lifetime Measurements”
2021 Mike Ogego K. Baker “Quantum Machine Learning: Training a Classification Algorithm on a Quantum Backend”
2021 Annie Polish L. Newburgh Drone Calibration
2021 Josh Purtell H. Caines Using Machine Learning Techniques to Identify Heavy Jets
2021 Sajan Ramanathan L. Newburgh Ringmap Statistics for the CHIME Telescope
2021 Ben Rosand H. Caines; P. Tipton Neural Net studies for jet identifications at STAR/ALICE; “Automated Patient Mortality Prediction from Clinical Notes”
2021 Vinicius Da Silva K. Baker “Preliminary Results on H->Za->4l Monte Carlo Interpretation”
2021 Sukhman Singh D. Moore; S. Lamoreaux SIMPLE; “Signal Processing Techniques for the HAYSTAC Experiment”
2020 Lukas Baker K. Heeger PROSPECT
2020 Sam Borden D. Moore  
2020 Sofia Checa H. Caines Neural Net studies for jet identifications at STAR/ALICE
2020 Samuel Day-Weiss D. Moore; L. Newburgh nEXO; Themometry for Simons Observatory
2020 Daniel Heimsoth R. Maruyama COSINE-100
2020 Michael Holmes D. Moore  
2020 George Iskander K. Baker  
2020 Nathaniel Kerman L. Newburgh Timing Emulator for Simons Observatory
2020 Katherine Melbourne R. Maruyama CUORE
2020 Ryan Montesi C. Baltay Calibration of Type Ia Supernova Photometry
2020 Stuart Nicholls H. Caines Studying the Quark Gluon Plasma using Machine Learning
2020 Elizabeth Ruddy R. Maruyama COSINE-100
2020 Mojique Tyler K. Baker; C. Baltay  
2020 Natalie Wright B. Fleming  
2019 Cady van Assendelft D. Moore; S. Lamoreaux and R. Maruyama SIMPLE; HAYSTAC
2019 Byron Daniel R. Maruyama Simulations for CUORE Detector calibration system
2019 John Patrick (JP) Dervan S. Demers ATLAS
2019 Alec Emser D. Moore SIMPLE
2019 Adam Fine D. Moore SIMPLE
2019 Heather Harrington S. Demers Mu2e
2019 Michael Mossman D. Moore SIMPLE
2019 Maxime Pradier L. Newburgh CHIME analysis
2019 Jack Roth K. Heeger; D. DeMille PROSPECT; laser cooling
2019 Joshua Swerdlow K. Heeger Project 8
2019 Tuna Uysal Jack Harris Investigating optical modes of a helium droplet
2019 Walter Wilson L. Newburgh, O. K. Baker CHIME Analysis, Deep learning applied to data analysis
2018 Nathaniel Barbour C. Baltay Underlying Cause of the Incorrect PSF Photometry Measurements
2018 Victoria Beizer L. Newburgh Women in Physics
2018 Arina Bykadorova K. Heeger PROSPECT
2018 Suryabrata Dutta R. Maruyama Simulations for CUORE Detector calibration system
2018 Dominic Eggerman L. Newburgh CHIME Digital Correlator
2018 Ilana Kaufman D. Moore EXO-200
2018 Andrew Kilby S. Lamoreaux SIMPLE, HAYSTAC
2018 Nicole Pereira B. Fleming  
2017 Lauren Chambers R. Maruyama DM-Ice
2017 Anthony Gagliardi O. K. Baker Deep learning applied to data analysis
2017 Robert Hurn C. Baltay  
2017 Jonah Majumder David DeMille  
2017 Kristo Ment C. Baltay QUEST
2017 Bárbara Santiago D. DeMille  
2017 Nate Stemen K. Heeger PROSPECT, detector R&D
2017 Ivy Wanta R. Maruyama CUORE
2016 Tomas Albergo R. Maruyama CUORE
2016 Nikita Dutta R. Maruyama DM-Ice
2016 Elizabeth Himwich B. Fleming  
2016 William De Rocco B. Fleming  
2016 Basil Smitham K. Heeger CUORE
2016 Benjamin Weiner K. Heeger PROSPECT, detector R&D
2015 Owen Barrett J.W. Harris / H. Caines  
2015 Field Rogers R. Maruyama DM-Ice
2015 Peter Zhang B. Fleming  
2014 Shibi Kannan J.W. Harris / H. Caines  
2014 Karl Medina K. Heeger PROSPECT, detector R&D
2014 Glen Meyerowitz J.W. Harris / H. Caines  
2014 Steven Zwick J.W. Harris / H. Caines  
2011 Ben Lash J.W. Harris / H. Caines  
2010 Douglass Endrizzi J.W. Harris / H. Caines  
2010 Bradley Willocks J.W. Harris / H. Caines  
2008 Xieyue Fan J.W. Harris / H. Caines Strangeness Production in √sNN = 22 and 62 GeV Au + Au data from STAR
2007 Sofia Magkiriadou J.W. Harris / H. Caines  
2005 William Allan Braff J.W. Harris / H. Caines  
2004 Will Han J.W. Harris / H. Caines STAR
2004 William Leight J.W. Harris / H. Caines STAR
2000 Daniel Farkas J.W. Harris / H. Caines STAR
1999 Naomi Feiman J.W. Harris / H. Caines STAR
  John Gunderson R. Maruyama COSINE-100
  Gabriel (Gabe) Hoshino R. Maruyama CUORE/CUPID, HAYSTAC
  Hanbai Lyu D. Moore  
  Charlie Mayhew D. Moore  
  Sukhman Singh D. Moore; S. Lamoreaux  
  Trey Skidmore D. Moore  
  Arushi Srivastava R. Maruyama  
  Ryan Walker L. Newburgh Drone Calibration and Radio Dish Test Bed
  Huaijin (Jean) Wang R. Maruyama  
Visiting Students In Research at Wright Lab
graduation year name advisor project
2022 Tiziano Buzzigoli D. Moore nEXO
2022 Antonio Ferraloro AE/B. Fleming DUNE
2022 Terren Wise J. Harris  
2022 Zihui (Mary) Zhang J. Harris RHIG
2020 Sergio Nunez Silva K. Heeger PROSPECT
2019 Ananya Karanam L. Newburgh Software Emulator for Simons Obseratory Thermometry
2019 Ava Polzin L. Newburgh Drone Calibration
2018 George Halal RHIG Machine Learning for Heavy Flavor Jet Tagging
2017 Victor Valera Baca K. Heeger PROSPECT