NPA Zoom Seminar, Noah Kurinsky, KICP/Fermilab, "Modeling Interactions of MeV-Scale DM with Crystal Targets: Plasmons, Phonons, and Lattice Defects"

Direct searches for dark matter which targeted SUSY-motivated areas of parameter space employed well-studied nucleon interactions at keV to MeV energy scales to predict typical DM-nucleon interaction distributions. Much lighter DM, probed by a new generation of experiments sensitive to eV-scale energy deposits, however, rely instead on condensed matter effects to extract larger recoil energies from the DM than would be suggested by the simple elastic kinematics of heavier DM.

NPA Zoom Seminar, Jeff Martoff, Temple University, "The HUNTER Sterile Neutrino Search Experiment"

The HUNTER experiment (Heavy Unseen Neutrinos from Total Energy-momentum Reconstruction) is a search for sterile neutrinos with masses in the 20-300 keV range. The experiment uses a combination of AMO, nuclear and particle physics techniques to do kinematically complete missing mass reconstruction of neutrinos from 131-Cs electron capture decays. A magneto-optically trap (MOT) of 131-Cs atoms provides a pure sample of ~10^8 radioactive atoms suspended in EUHV with no inert material present.

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