2022 ONAOSI-Yale Undergraduate Research Experience in Instrumentation at Wright Lab

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In 2022, ONAOSI is sponsoring  7  students who are interested in physics, engineering and advanced technologies for research, applied science, and medicine, to come to Yale, in residence at Wright Lab, as Visiting Students in Research (VSRs) from June 19-August 20, 2022 to participate in  research and training led by Yale research mentors.  At the end of the program, students will present their work in a talk to fellow participants and their research communities at an official closing event at  Wright Lab and also back at their home institution.


Tiziano Buzzigoli
Antonio Ferraloro
Margherita Montavoci
Guilia Colonna
Lodovico Balzoni
Francesca Conti
Andrea De Simone


List of 2022 projects (PDF)

Final presentations on August 18, 2022

Principal Investigators

Mariam Aboian, assistant professor
Antonio Ereditato, visiting professor
Gigi Galiana, associate professor
Bernadette Marquez-Nostra, assistant professor
David Moore, assistant professor
Evan Morris, professor


Avinay Bhat, postdoctoral associate
Nahla Elsaid, associate research scientist
Domenico Franco, associate research scientist
Jocelyn Hoye, postdoctoral associate
Alaaddin Ibrahimy, graduate student
Leon Jekel, postgraduate fellow
Samantha Katz, lab manager
Gelsina Stanley, research assistant
Marc von Reppert, postgraduate fellow

2022 Workshops and events


Original call for participation