Yale Postdoctoral Trainees

Book launch and ice cream party for "Quantum Entanglement in High Energy Physics"

Please join us to celebrate the launch of Keith Baker’s new book and enjoy some ice cream and fellowship!

Keith Baker, D. Allan Bromley Professor of Physics and a member of Yale’s Wright Lab, is the academic editor and co-author of the book “Quantum Entanglement in High Energy Physics,” published by IntechOpen.

Introduction to the Advanced Prototyping Center

In this workshop we will cover the equipment available at the Wright Lab Advanced Prototyping Center and how to get started designing parts. Basics of CNC laser and abrasive water jet cutting will be included, as well as an introduction to 3D printing. No prior experience is required, but having an idea for a project that you may want to get started on would be great. We will start off with a classroom presentation and then have a quick tour of the facilities.

Kimball Smith Series: "Beyond Bits – Global Effects of Quantum Technology"

Join the Kimball Smith Series for a moderated panel followed by small group discussions regarding quantum technologies and their relevance to international affairs.

The panel will feature Mark Ritter (Chair of Physical Science Council at IBM Research) and Robert Schoelkopf (Sterling Professor of Applied Physics and Professor of Physics; Director of Yale Quantum Institute). Both panelists are members of the U.S. National Quantum Initiative Advisory Committee.

WIDG Seminar: Vidul Joshi, Yale, "Quantum Zeno effect: preventing a photon from exiting a cavity"

The quantum Zeno effect refers to the freezing of the time evolution of a quantum system subjected to repeated
measurements. In this talk we try to answer the question, as to whether the Zeno effect can stop stochastic decay events like a photon jump from a cavity. There is a time scale governing the rate at which the

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