Wright Lab hosts 3-Minute Thesis competition

February 15, 2019

Wright Laboratory hosted a 3-Minute Thesis Competition at Wright Laboratory on Friday, February 15, 2019 at 3:30 p.m. The competition was open to Wright Laboratory Ph.D. students and all those from the physical sciences who are competing in the official Yale University 3MT competition, with preliminary rounds beginning in March.

The program included the following talks, which could be up to 3 minutes long and include up to one (optional) slide:

Christopher Davis: “Rare nuclear decays”
Ben Foust: “Sterile neutrinos: A potential fix for particle physics’ problem child”
Sumita Ghosh: “Using lasers to look for dark matter”
David Stewart: “Jets, quarks, and small fundamental things”
Christian Weber: “The Higgs Boson, a window to the dark sector”
Jeremy Gaison: “Precision neutrino measurements: The fingerprint of a nuclear reactor”

Ben Foust was awarded first prize and Sumita Ghosh was awarded runner-up, based on an audience vote.

More information about Yale’s 3-Minute Thesis competition can be found on the Yale Office of Career Strategy’s website