PROSPECT experiment featured in Wired magazine article “Neutrino Detectors Could Be Used to Spot Nuclear Rogues”

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October 6, 2020

Wired magazine has featured the Yale-led PROSPECT experiment in its article “Neutrino Detectors Could Be Used to Spot Nuclear Rogues”.

The Precision Reactor Oscillation and Spectrum Experiment (PROSPECT), which was built at Wright Lab, and is now located at the High Flux Isotope Reactor (HFIR) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tenessee, is a reactor neutrino experiment at very short baselines to make a precision measurement of the flux and energy spectrum of antineutrinos emitted from nuclear reactors. PROSPECT searches for the oscillation signature of sterile neutrinos and tests our understanding of the emission of antineutrinos from the fission products in a nuclear reactor. The measurements of PROSPECT will test our understanding of the Standard Model of particle physics, deepen our understanding of nuclear processes in a reactor, and help develop technology for the remote monitoring of nuclear reactors for safeguard and non-proliferation. 

See also a related Wright Lab article from November 2018, “PROSPECT results inspire neutrino detectors for diplomacy”.
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