Yale Postdoctoral Trainees

NPA Zoom Seminar, Jeff Martoff, Temple University, "The HUNTER Sterile Neutrino Search Experiment"

The HUNTER experiment (Heavy Unseen Neutrinos from Total Energy-momentum Reconstruction) is a search for sterile neutrinos with masses in the 20-300 keV range. The experiment uses a combination of AMO, nuclear and particle physics techniques to do kinematically complete missing mass reconstruction of neutrinos from 131-Cs electron capture decays. A magneto-optically trap (MOT) of 131-Cs atoms provides a pure sample of ~10^8 radioactive atoms suspended in EUHV with no inert material present.

YPPDO Virtual Coffee Chat with Merideth Frey, PhD

Please join us for a virtual coffee chat with Merideth Frey (BA, Wellesley College. PhD, Yale University). Merideth Frey is currently heading the physics department at Sarah Lawrence College, where she is designing lab-based courses to add to the curriculum, as well as applying physics education research-based methodologies to the core physics courses. Professor Frey previously taught courses at Wesleyan University and Princeton University, including helping develop investigative science learning environment physics labs.

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