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NPA Zoom Seminar, Ho San Ko, LBL, "Accessing Generalized Parton Distributions at Jefferson Lab"

An exciting scientific frontier is the 3-dimensional exploration of nucleon (and nuclear) structure: nuclear femtography. The study of Generalized Parton Distributions (GPDs) captures the images of the transverse position distributions of fast moving quarks. Therefore, they provide richer information about the nucleon structure than the well known form factors and parton distribution functions. GPDs are accessible via exclusive reactions, where all particles in the final state are identified.

Wright Lab All Hands Meeting

We invite all members of our community to gather together weekly on Mondays via Zoom to check in with each other and hear what is going on around our community. Today’s program includes updates on recent projects from the APC (Arina Telles) and an update on the planning for the new Physical Sciences Building (PSEB) (Karsten Heeger).

YPPDO Recent Physics Alumnae Panel with Ariana Hackenburg, Sylvia Xin Li, Catherine Matulis, and Savannah Thais

Please join us for a virtual panel about the career paths taken by Yale PhD Students. We have two recent alumni that are postdocs and two that have gone into industry. Their bios are below.
Ariana Hackenburg: completed her PhD with the MicroBooNE experiment in 2018. After graduating, she transitioned into industry through the Insight Data Science program. She is currently a Machine Learning Engineer at Wayfair, where she builds frameworks, models, and data pipelines at scale.

NPA Zoom Seminar, Stefania Amodeo, Cornell University, "Halo gas thermodynamics from the CMB: results from the Atacama Cosmology Telescope DR5"

The thermodynamic properties of the ionized baryons in galaxies, groups, and clusters encode the effects of the assembly history and feedback processes that shape galaxy and cluster formation. These properties can be studied through the imprints that the scattering of cosmic microwave background (CMB) photons off the free-electron gas in galaxies and clusters leave on high resolution CMB maps: the thermal and kinematic Sunyaev-Zel’dovich effects.

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