COSINE-100 experiment featured in Symmetry article “Testing DAMA”

sodium iodide detector array
August 13, 2019

Wright Lab Professor Reina Maruyama, the principal investigator of the COSINE-100 experiment, was featured in a Symmetry magazine article titled “Testing DAMA”.   As mentioned in the article,  COSINE-100 was designed to test the findings of the DAMA/LIBRA experiment, which reports that it has been regularly directly detecting a dark matter signal since 1997.

In addition to Maruyama, the other members of the COSINE-100 team at Yale are postdoctoral associate Jay Hyun Jo; graduate students Estella Barbosa de Souza and William G. Thompson; and undergraduate students Daniel Heimsoth ’20, Liz Ruddy ’20, and Andrew Zheng ’22.

The full text of the article is linked below.

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