Congratulations to Wright Lab graduates

May 21, 2018

Wright Lab would like to congratulate its graduates who walked in the Yale University commencement on May 21, 2018. 

Undergraduate class of 2018:

Joseph Balsells, Invariant Correlations on a Sphere (Advisor: George Fleming)

Nathaniel Barbour, Underlying Cause of the Incorrect PSF Photometry Measurements (Advisor:  David Rabinowitz / Charles Baltay)

Arina BykadorovaThe PROSPECT Calibration System (Advisor:  Karsten Heeger).  Bykadorova also was the recipient of the 2018 DeForest Pioneers Prize, awarded to a Yale senior for distinguished creative achievement in physics.

Surya Dutta, Thermal Modeling and Parameter Estimation (Advisor:  Reina Maruyama)

Ilana Kaufman (Advisor:  David Moore)

Ph.D. recipients:

Stephen Horvat, Ph.D. ’17, Measurement of the collision energy dependence of jet-quenching signatures of de-confinement at STAR (Advisor:  Helen Caines)
Jeremy Cushman, Ph.D. ’18, A search for neutrinoless double-beta decay in tellurium-130 with CUORE (Advisor:  Karsten Heeger)
Ariana Hackenburg, Ph.D. ’18, Measurement of a neutrino-induced charged current single neutral pion cross section at MICROBOONE (Advisor:  Bonnie Fleming)