Congratulations Class of 2023

selfie with 3 people in graduation gowns.
May 22, 2023

Wright Lab congratulates our graduating students in the class of 2023, including:

Ph.D. Graduates

  • Benjamin Foust, ‘22 (advisor Karsten Heeger), “Precise Measurement of the U-235 Antineutrino Energy Spectrum”
  • Ako Jamil, ‘22 (advisor David Moore), “Rare Event Searches in Liquid Xenon with EXO-200 and nEXO”
  • Caitie Beattie, ‘23 (advisor John Harris), “Pathlength-dependent jet quenching in the quark–gluon plasma at ALICE”
  • Hannah Bossi, ‘23 (advisor John Harris), “Novel Uses of Machine Learning for Differential Jet Quenching Measurements at the LHC”
  • London Cooper-Troendle, ‘23 (advisors Bonnie Fleming, Karsten Heeger), “First Measurement of Inclusive Muon Neutrino Charged Current Triple Differential Cross Section on Argon”
  • Eustace Edwards, ‘23 (advisors David Demille, Steve Lamoreaux), “Cold Thallium Fluoride Beam: Buffer Gas Cooling, Beam Production, and B^3 Π Excited State Hyperfine Spectra”
  • Kaicheng Li ‘23 (advisors Bonnie Fleming, Karsten Heeger), “Searching for the Electron Neutrino Anomaly with the MicroBooNE Experiment Using Wire-Cell Reconstruction”
  • Giacomo Scanavini, ‘23 (advisors Bonnie Fleming, Karsten Heeger), “First measurement of neutral current neutral pion production differential cross sections on argon”
  • Oskari Timgren, 23 (advisors David Demille, Steve Lamoreaux), “Progress towards a measurement of time-reversal symmetry violation in thallium fluoride”


  • Tausif Hossain* +(advisor Sarah Demers), “The Mu2e Trigger Rates Analysis and Data Quality Monitor Development”
  • Matthew Robert Murphy (advisor Sarah Demers)
  • Kohsuke Sato* +(advisor Charles Baltay)
  • Yu Jun Shen* + (advisor Sarah Demers), “Investigation of Variational Quantum Eigensolver techniques in Qiskit”
  • Shayaan Subzwari* (advisor Karsten Heeger), “The LUCKEY Magnet”
  • Dawson Thomas* (advisor Sarah Demers), “Topological Machine Learning for Jet Physics”
  • Giovanna Truong* (advisor Jack Harris), “Studying supercooled water using diamagnetic levitation”

We also congratulate the following graduating undergraduate students who have worked at Wright Lab as part of their academic journey:

  • Alexandra Hasland-Gourley (advisor Steven Zucker): worked with Sarah Demers on ATLAS
  • Helena Lyng-Olsen* + (advisor Mary-Louise Timmermans): worked with Keith Baker on ATLAS
  • Neal Ma* +(advisor Diana Qiu): worked with Reina Maruyama on CUORE/CUPID

* indicates distinction in the major
+indicates 2023 induction into SPS

Please see also our Flickr album of pictures from our community.

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