Wright Lab All Hands Meeting

We invite all members of our community to gather together weekly on Mondays via Zoom to check in with each other and hear what is going on around our community. Today’s program includes updates on recent projects from the APC (Arina Telles) and an update on the planning for the new Physical Sciences Building (PSEB) (Karsten Heeger).

NPA Zoom Seminar, Stefania Amodeo, Cornell University, "Halo gas thermodynamics from the CMB: results from the Atacama Cosmology Telescope DR5"

The thermodynamic properties of the ionized baryons in galaxies, groups, and clusters encode the effects of the assembly history and feedback processes that shape galaxy and cluster formation. These properties can be studied through the imprints that the scattering of cosmic microwave background (CMB) photons off the free-electron gas in galaxies and clusters leave on high resolution CMB maps: the thermal and kinematic Sunyaev-Zel’dovich effects.

Wright Lab All Hands Meeting, Karsten Heeger, "Planning for DEI action"

Members of the Wright Lab community are invited to join to discuss and provide input to the department’s DEI action plan at the all-hands meeting time of 9:30 on Monday, October 12. The action plan has been developed by the Physics DEIAP writing group and the department’s APS-IDEA team, together with the CDC and the department community.

WIDG Seminar: Yunpeng Ji, Yale University, "Many-body Physics with Ultracold Homogeneous Fermi Gases"

From superconductors, quark–gluon plasmas to neutron stars, interacting fermions are at the center of some of the most important problems in modern physics. The realization of degenerate Fermi gases with ultracold atoms has offered a versatile platform to experimentally investigate some of those problems, with unprecedented tunability of inter-particle interactions and trapping geometries. In particular, novel programmable light sculpting devices have enabled us to trap atoms in a uniform box potential, thus realizing the textbook homogeneous Fermi gas.

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