Yale Physics professors and alumni named as inspiring Black scientists in America

3 headshots of scientists
January 4, 2021

The Community of Scholars has posted a list on Cell Mentor of 1,000 inspiring Black scientists in America that includes a number of researchers from Yale.  Three of these scholars are Yale Physics faculty:  O. Keith Baker, professor of physics; Larry Gladney, professor of physics and the Phyllis Wallace Dean of Diversity and Faculty Development in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences; and Michael Murrell, associate professor of biomedical engineering and physics.

Two Yale Physics graduate program alumni are also on the list as rising stars, Charles D. Brown II, postdoctoral research associate in quantum optomechanics at the University of California, Berkeley; and Brooke Russell, Owen Chamberlain Postdoctoral Fellow in experimental particle physics at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Cell Mentor is a website with professional resources for scientists developed by Cell Press and Cell Signaling Technology.  According to the Cell Mentor Website, “The Community of Scholars is a group of Persons Excluded because of their Ethnicity or Race (PEER) composed of postdoctoral fellows, early-stage investigators, instructors, and consultants with a common passion to advance scientific discovery while innovating diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.”

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