Yale Physics labs send remote learning kits

iOlab data collection device
August 31, 2020

Yale Physics laboratory course instructors, including Wright Lab’s senior lecturer in physics Sidney Cahn and associate professor of physics Reina Maruyama, are finding innovative ways to enable hands-on student learning in their laboratory courses, which are being taught to students remotely this Fall.

Cahn, Maruyama and other Yale Physics instructors are sending specialized laboratory kits and devices to students enrolled in their courses PHYS 165L “General Physics Laboratory,” and  PHYS 205L, “Modern Physical Measurement,” so that students can be trained in experimenting and analyzing data from their homes.

To learn more about this trailblazing learning initiative, please see the article “Physics labs send remote learning kits,” written by Yale Physics major Giovanna Truong ‘23 for the “Yale Daily News”.

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