Yale Office of Development program coordinators “Paws and Explore” Wright Lab

group of people listening
December 5, 2019

Program coordinators and program managers from 16 departments of the Yale Office of Development  across campus came to tour Wright Lab on December 4, 2019 as part of their “Paws and Explore” endeavor.  The group regularly tours various places on Campus to remain connected to and updated about opportunities for development efforts at Yale. 

The group first heard a presentation about Wright Lab by Wright Lab director Karsten Heeger and then proceeded to tour the facilities at Wright Lab with Heeger and Wright Lab program manager Victoria Misenti, including: the Advanced Prototyping Center (led by the Wright Lab associate director of instrumentation and education James Nikkel); the research, teaching and J.W. Gibbs shops; the Vault, and two experiments-HAYSTAC (led by graduate student Kelly Backes) and SIMPLE (led by postdoctoral associate Ferndando Henrique do Rego Monteiro).

Photos of the tour

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