Wright Laboratory undergraduates present student research

student presenting
December 10, 2018

Wright Laboratory’s undergraduate students taking the independent research course (PHYS 471) will be presenting their research projects December 11-13, 2018 in the Sloane Physics Laboratory, room 51.  The students and their projects, arranged by advisor, are as follows:

Helen Caines:

Studying the Quark Gluon Plasma using Machine Learning, Stuart Nicholls

Sarah Demers:

H→ττ Upgrade Trigger Analysis for the ATLAS Experiment, JP Dervan
Benchmarking Triggers and Optimizing Filters for the Mu2e Experiment,  Heather Harrington

David DeMille:

Exploring a novel technique for laser slowing and cooling, Jack Roth

Jack Harris:

Investigating Optical Modes of a Helium Droplet, Mehmet Tuna Uysal 

Steve Lamoreaux and Reina Maruyama:

Development of Phase II of HAYSTAC, Cady van Assendelft 

Reina Maruyama:

Measuring Radioactive Contaminations in CUORE Crystals, Byron Daniel 
Testing DAMA’s Claim of Direct Detection of Dark Matter, Elizabeth Ruddy

David Moore:

Measuring the Temperature of an Optically Levitated Micrsophere, Alec Emser
Detecting Particle Recoils from Levitated Spheres, Michael Mossman 

Laura Newburgh:  

Prototyping the Simons Observatory DAQ and Live Monitor, Samuel Day-Weiss 
Analyzing the beam structure of CHIME, Maxime Pradier