Wright Lab student researchers present at the Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium 2018

WL undergraduate summer researchers
August 1, 2018

Thirteen undergraduate researchers worked in Wright Lab research groups this summer.  Eleven were students from Yale, the other two were from Northwestern and Lehigh University.

At the end of the summer, the students gathered for two days of presentations on the research they had done this year.  The list of presentations is as follows:

Monday, July 30 from 11-12:30

Ryan Montesi and Alex Latham (Baltay) - Calibration of Type Ia Supernova Photometry
Cady van Assendelft (Lamoreaux/Maruyama) - Development of Phase II of HAYSTAC
Alec Emser (Moore) - Measuring the Blackbody Spectrum of a Levitated Microsphere
Ava Polzin (Newburgh) - Examining Drone Calibrations for HIRAX
Josh Purtell (RHIG) - Using Machine Learning Techniques to Identify Heavy Jets

Wed, Aug 1 from 9:30-11

Krish Desai (Newburgh) - Digital Noise Source Development
Robert Howard (Baltay) - Using SNID to calibrate the WFIRST spectrometer
Charlotte Kavaler (Moore) - Electron Drift in Liquid Xenon
George Halal (RHIG) - Machine Learning for Heavy Flavor Jet Tagging
Lukas Baker (Heeger) - Towards a Precise Measurement of the PROSPECT Scintillator Response with TACO
Shoumik Chowdhury (Moore) - Using Microfluidics for the Controlled Delivery of Single Microspheres Into an Optical Trap