Wright Lab seniors awarded 2023 Howard L. Schultz, Sr. Prize

group of people in a classroom wearing Yale Physics hoodies.
May 22, 2023

Congratulations to Wright Lab undergraduates Tausif Hossain, Shayaan Subzwari,  Dawson Thomas, and Giovanna Truong, who; along with Olivia Aspegren, Nikhil Harle, Richard Li, Allen Mi, Claire Recamier, and Alejandro Simon; were awarded the 2023 Howard L. Schultz, Sr. Prize.  The Schultz Prize is in honor of Howard L. Schultz, Ph.D. 1937, and is awarded annually to outstanding seniors in the Yale Physics department, based on faculty nominations and academic achievement. More details on the students and their senior projects are below:

  • Tausif Hossain, B.S., Physics-Intensive. Advisor: Sarah Demers, Senior Project: “The Mu2e Trigger Rates Analysis and Data Quality Monitor Development”
  • Shayaan Subzwari, B.S., Physics-Intensive / Global Affairs. Advisor: Karsten Heeger, Senior Project: “The LUCKEY Magnet” 
  • Dawson Thomas, B.S., Mathematics & Physics. Advisor: Sarah Demers, Senior Project: “Topological Machine Learning for Jet Physics”
  • Giovanna Truong, B.S., Physics-Intensive. Advisor: Jack Harris, Senior Project: “Studying supercooled water using diamagnetic levitation”
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