Wright Lab postdocs host 2024 Pint of Science Festival in New Haven

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May 17, 2024

Wright Lab postdoctoral associates Fernando Flor, Pranav Sanghavi, and Jorge Torres coordinated the 2024 Pint of Science Festival in New Haven from May 13-15, 2024.

The Pint of Science Festival is an annual global event, begun in 2013, that takes place all over the world.  In the United States, the event was held in Los Angeles, Houston, Philadelphia, Boston, and New Haven.

The Pint of Science Festival included several scientists from Yale having casual conversations at local pubs with the general public, with the intent to bring science to the community who may not otherwise have access to it. The themes and agenda for each of the days are below:

May 13 at Trinity Bar: Nature Scales: From Plants to Cells to DNA

  • Henry Arenas, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology postdoctoral associate, “Mating Choice in Plants”

  • Sudheesh A P, Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology postdoctoral associate, “Safeguarding Life: Exploring How Cells Defend Against Foreign Threats”

  • Jane Hallam, Yale School of the Environment postdoctoral associate, “Harnessing the Power of Environmental DNA for Conservation and Discovery”

May 14 at The Cannon: Smashing Atoms: Understanding the Strong Force

  • Laura Havener, Physics assistant professor, “A Cosmic Cocktail Hour with Quark-Gluon Plasma”

  • Prakhar Garg, Physics research scientist, “Particle Pioneers: Accelerating Adventure with Atom Smashers and Detector Dreams”

May 15 at Trinity Bar: Decisions, Art, and the Mind’s Canvas

  • Deepa Prurushothaman, Psychiatry postdoctoral associate, “To Co-operate Or Not? A Neuro-Economic View”

  • Dhananjay Bhaskar, Genetics postdoctoral associate, “Brainwaves to Brushstrokes: Decoding Mental Imagery for Artistic Creation”

Flor said, “Coordinating Pint of Science on behalf of the city of New Haven was an excellent opportunity to not only interact with other folks around the University with the same passion for communicating science to the general public, but also to be able to see how much genuine interest our community shares with us. ”

Flor continued, “It was humbling to also see the support from our local establishments in the New Haven area and from our very own institution. We hope to continue such endeavors for years to come and to collaborate with other institutes in the Greater New Haven area.”

For more pictures of the event, see our Flickr album.

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