Wright Lab instrumental in developing Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment detector modules

September 19, 2018

Yale is one of four U.S. universities chosen to design and plan the production of 150 particle detector assemblies for the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment (DUNE), hosted by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Fermilab facility, with funding from a $1.6 million planning grant from the National Science Foundation.

Wright Laboratory faculty member Bonnie Fleming said the new work with DUNE is a natural extension of previous instrumentation work at Yale’s Wright Lab. “We built the MicroBooNE wire chamber here, and we are presently building the Short-Baseline Neutrino Detector wire frames,” Fleming said.

The high bay spaces and clean room facilities at Wright Lab have allowed us to support the development of large-scale components for neutrino detectors. Our recent experience and the Wright Lab facilities make Yale one of the few universities in the U.S. capable to lead the construction of neutrino detector assemblies for DUNE,” said Karsten Heeger, director of the Wright Laboratory and a collaborator on DUNE.

Read more about the endeavor and watch a video of the wiring work in progress at the link below.

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