Wright Lab hosts Yale 3-Minute Thesis preliminaries for the physical sciences

February 28, 2020

Wright Laboratory hosted the official preliminary round for the Yale University 3-Minute Thesis Competition (3MT) on February 26, 2020.

The program included the following talks, which could be up to 3 minutes long and include up to one (optional) slide:

  • David Caianiello, Chemistry, Bifunctional molecules that degrade circulating proteins 
  • Alisha Chan, Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Can Sustainable Stormwater Control Measures (SCMs) Impact the Number of Mosquitoes in Areas with a Combined Sewer System?
  • Arpit Dua, Physics, Fracton error correcting codes
  • Daniel Gaskell, Geology & Geophysics, How Do Dead Plankton Record the History of the Planet?
  • Yuri Gloumakov, Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science, Changing the way we control prostheses
  • Duncan Keller, Geology & Geophysics, Nanoscale Needles Reveal the Extraordinary Journey of Connecticut’s Deepest Rocks
  • Jhe-Hao Li, Chemistry, How bacteria talk about stress and how we overhear it
  • Xiaotong Li, Computational Biology & Bioinformatics, Discover genomic abnormality for personalized medicine
  • Tong Liu, Physics, How small can it be? – inclusive jet measurement at small system heavy ion collisions
  • Yantao Luo, Geology & Geophysics, The Earth History We Stand On
  • Daniel Seara, Physics, Going back in time to measure biology’s fuel efficiency
  • Trevor Wright, Physics, What’s the Matter with the Universe?
  • Lily Zhao, Astronomy, Towards a True Earth Twin

Four contestants-Keller, Luo, Wright, and Zhao-advanced to the final round, which will be held on April 3, 2020. 

More information about Yale’s 3-Minute Thesis competition can be found on the Yale Office of Career Strategy’s website