Wright Lab graduate students develop SpinWheel: the colorful wearable programming kit for STEM outreach

March 27, 2020

As part of Yale’s Society of Women Engineers, Wright Lab graduate students Emily Kuhn and Samantha Pagan have developed a STEM education kit called “SpinWheel,” which teaches computer science and physics through an art medium.

The kit is developed for the purpose of introducing the wonders of physics and engineering to all curious young minds, even those that might have otherwise self-selected out of those fields. The opportunity to create one’s own piece of electronic art effectively circumvents math-phobia and other typical roadblocks, enabling the next generation of problem solvers.

With the programs that come pre-loaded on the SpinWheel, it can be immediately worn as motion-responsive jewelry or sported as a keychain. With help from its educational guide, it can be programmed to be a compass, step-counter, and more.

All proceeds from its sale will go to running free STEM outreach events for K12 students. 

The project is further described on the SpinWheel Kickstarter page.

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