Moore awarded Arthur Greer Memorial Prize for 2021-22

July 26, 2022

David Moore, assistant professor of physics, and a member of Yale’s Wright Lab, was a co-recipient of the Arthur Greer Memorial Prize for Outstanding Scholarly Publication or Research for 2021-22; awarded by Yale’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) to recognize outstanding research conducted by ladder faculty members at Yale in the social or natural sciences, broadly construed, who are untenured at the time that the work is completed or published.

The other two recipients of the prize for 2021-22 were Joshua Kalla, Departments of Political Science and Statistics and Data Science (FAS) and Shruti Puri, associate professor of applied physics and physics.

Moore’s research lies at the intersection of nuclear and particle physics, and makes use of techniques from atomic, molecular, and optical physics. As an experimental nuclear and particle physicist his work tests the fundamental nature of neutrinos, dark matter, and gravity at microscopic distances. Through this work, he has developed new technologies to search for physics beyond the “Standard Model” of particle physics; these experiments aim to unearth answers to questions about the fundamental nature of neutrinos, dark matter, and dark energy.