Maruyama discusses building the quantum workforce in Symmetry Magazine

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February 1, 2022

Reina Maruyama, professor of physics and a member of Yale’s Wright Lab, is featured in an article in Symmetry Magazine called “Building the Quantum Workforce” by Amanda Solliday.  A brief excerpt is below:

Physicist Reina Maruyama, who studies neutrinos and dark matter at Yale University, says she has seen a flood of students and postdocs interested in quantum information science.

To Maruyama, this buzz is promising news. “When there is an infusion of new people and new ideas, there’s likely to be a big advance in technology,” she says. “I’m excited about that, so then I can combine this new technology with really exciting science.”

Making strides in quantum information science and its applications will require cooperation among experts from a variety of backgrounds, she says. 

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