Congratulations Class of 2022

group of people smiling and standing with a fence, tree, and house in the background.
May 23, 2022

Wright Lab congratulates our graduating students in the class of 2022, including:

Ph.D. Graduates

  • Emma Castiglia (advisor Sarah Demers), “Machine Learning for Tau Leptons and the Search for the Associated Production of a Higgs Boson with a Vector Boson, with the Higgs Boson Decaying to a Tau Pair at ATLAS”
  • Emily Kuhn (advisor Laura Newburgh), “Calibration Instrumentation for the Hydrogen Intensity and Real-time Analysis eXperiment (HIRAX)”
  • Michael Oliver (advisor John Harris), “Measurement of Correlations Between Neutral Pions and Charged Hadrons in Heavy Ion Collisions with ALICE”
  • David Stewart (advisor Helen Caines), “Jet to Event Activity Correlations in Small System Collisions at STAR”
  • William Thompson (advisor Reina Maruyama), “Searching for Dark Matter with COSINE-100”


  • Matt King*+ (advisor Bonnie Fleming), “Measuring the Total Cross Section of Pion Absorption in Liquid Argon with the LArIAT Detector”
  • Matthew Schneider (advisor Charles Baltay)
  • Sarah Dickson*+ (advisor David Moore), “Detection of Whispering Gallery Modes in Optically-Levitated Microspheres”
  • Charlie Mayhew*+(advisor David Moore)
  • Yiming Zhang*+  (advisor Jack Harris), “Building a Optomechanical Platform for Eigenvalue Braids and Knots”
  • Daniel Qenani*+  (advisor Keith Baker), “ Quantum K-Means Algorithm for Signal Processing of H → ZZ* → 4l as Proof of Quantum Entanglement
  • Ema Smith (advisor Laura Newburgh)
  • Andrew Zheng(advisor Reina Maruyama), “CUORE/CUPID Muon Veto Prototypes Testing and Analysis”

We also congratulate the following graduating undergraduate students who have worked at Wright Lab as part of their academic journey:

  • Luke Grossman*+ (worked with Charlie Baltay)
  • Will Sun*+ (worked with Jack Harris)
  • Sebastian Tsai(worked with Laura Newburgh)
  • Jean Wang *+(worked with Reina Maruyama)
  • Laura Zhou*+ (worked with Reina Maruyama)
  • Grace Zdeblick*+

* indicates distinction in the major
+indicates induction into SPS