Celebrating the Wright Lab Undergraduate Class of 2021 and Sigma Pi Sigma inductees

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May 21, 2021

On May 19, Yale Physics undergraduates and faculty gathered  via Zoom to celebrate both the 32 members of the Yale Physics graduating class of 2021 and the juniors and seniors who have been inducted into Sigma Pi Sigma, the official honor society of the physics profession. Through election to Sigma Pi Sigma, distinctive achievement and high scholarship in physics is recognized and celebrated.  We honor especially the  Wright Lab seniors and inductees by listing their names and their final research project titles below:

Yale Physics Class of 2021 - Wright Lab members

indicates Sigma Pi Sigma inductee

  • India Bhalla-Ladd* (Sarah Demers), “M2T: Late-Projected Transverse Mass Calculation in a Search for VH,H→ττ in ATLAS Run 2”
  • Rachel Cohen (Sarah Demers), “Situating Science Podcast”
  • Vinicius Da Silva* (Keith Baker), “Preliminary Results on H->Za->4l Monte Carlo Interpretation”
  • Gabe Hoshino* (Reina Maruyama), “Measurements with a Desktop Muon Detector”
  • Robert Howard* (Charles Baltay), Identifying Halo RR Lyrae Stars to Better Understand Galactic Structure”
  • Claire Laffan* (Sarah Demers) “Mass Reconstruction Algorithm Tuning for the VH→ττ Channel at ATLAS”
  • Alex Lathem* (David Moore) “Outgassing of Electronegative Impurities in nEXO Candidate Polymers”
  • Lucy McEwan* (Shelly Lesher), “Erbium 168 Transition Probabilities from Lifetime Measurements”
  • Mike Ogego (Keith Baker), “Quantum Machine Learning: Training a Classification Algorithm on a Quantum Backend”
  • Sajan Ramanathan* (Laura Newburgh), “Ringmap Statistics for the CHIME Telescope”
  • Benjamin Rosand* (Paul Tipton), “Automated Patient Mortality Prediction from Clinical Notes”
  • Sukhman Singh* (David Moore) “Signal Processing Techniques for the HAYSTAC Experiment”

Wright Lab Juniors inducted into Sigma Pi Sigma 

  • Sarah Dickson (David Moore)
  • Luke Grossman (Charlie Baltay)
  • Matt King (Bonnie Fleming)
  • Eitan Minsky-Fenick (David DeMille)
  • Kohsuke Sato (Charlie Baltay)
  • Will Sun (Jack Harris)
  • Yiming Zhang (Jack Harris)
  • Laura Zhou (Reina Maruyama)
  • Grace Zdeblick
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