2019 Wright Lab undergraduate summer research symposium

group photo of students
August 5, 2019

Six Yale undergraduate students and one high school student who did research at Wright Lab this summer gave final presentations on their research to the Wright Lab community at the Wright Lab undergraduate summer research symposium on August 5, 2019.

The presentations were each ten minutes long, with two minutes for questions.  The detailed program is below:

Sam Borden  An Empirical Model of Electronegative Impurities for nEXO, advisor David Moore

Robert Howard  Describing the Expansion History of the Universe Using Type Ia Supernova Images from LCOGT, advisor Charles Baltay

Jean Wang Huaijin Microwave cavity search for dark matter axion at HAYSTAC, advisor Reina Maruyama

Arushi Srivastava HAYSTAC Phase III: Producing Rydberg Atoms with EIT using Potassium-39, advisor Reina Maruyama

Eitan Minsky-Fenick Standard Candle: an isotropic light source for sensor calibration, advisors David DeMille and Sidney Cahn

Sam Day-Weiss Simons Observatory: Thermometry Hardware Installation and DAQ development, advisor Laura Newburgh

Annie Polish Improving drone-based beam mapping using RTK, advisor Laura Newburgh

In addition to the above students, Wright Lab hosted five other Yale undergraduate students this summer, for a total of eleven,  who were unable to make the symposium.  These students were:

  • Luke Grossman (advisor Charles Baltay)
  • Sebastian Tsai, Maile Harris and Sajan Ramanathan (advisor Laura Newburgh)
  • Andrew Zheng (advisor Reina Maruyama)