PHYS 470 & PHYS 472 Final Presentations

Event time: 
Tuesday, May 11, 2021 - 2:00pm to 5:00pm
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Undergraduate Students

Event description: 

Undergraduate student research presentations. Schedule subject to change.
2:00pm - Amber Young. Advisor: Damon Clark
2:20pm - Sajan Ramanathan, “Ringmap Statistics for the CHIME Telescope”. Advisor: Laura Newburgh
2:40pm - Robert Howard, “Identifying Halo RR Lyrae Stars to Better Understand Galactic Structure”. Advisor: Charles Baltay
3:00pm - Sarah Dickson, “Proving the Existence of Whispering Gallery Modes in Optically-Levitated Microspheres”. Advisor: David Moore
3:20pm - Claire Laffan, “Mass Reconstruction Algorithm Tuning for the VH→ττ Channel at ATLAS”. Advisor: Sarah Demers
3:40pm - Yiming Zhang, “Three Mode Optomechanics for Exceptional Point Physics”. Advisor: Jack Harris
4:00pm - Luke Grossman, “Interaction Quenches in a Two-Fermion System”. Advisor: Nir Navon
4:20pm - Gabe Hoshino, “Measurements with a Desktop Muon Detector”. Advisor: Reina Maruyama
4:49pm - Amanda Butler, “Merger Shock Detection and Analysis in Hydrodynamically Simulated Galaxy Clusters”. Advisor: Daisuke Nagai
Instructor: Charles Baltay (