PHYS 470 & PHYS 472 Final Presentations

Event time: 
Monday, May 10, 2021 - 10:00am to 12:00pm
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Undergraduate Students

Event description: 

Undergraduate student research presentations. Schedule subject to change.
10:00am - Sebastian Tsai, “Algebraic Spectroscopy of Frequency Space Correlation Functions”. Advisor: George Fleming
10:20am - Sukhman Singh, “Signal Processing Techniques for the HAYSTAC Experiment”. Advisor: Steve Lamoreaux
10:40am - Derek Kuldinow, “Validation of Heterogeneous Nucleation Theory”. Advisor: Juan da la Mora
11:00am - Matt King, “Cross-Section of Pion Absorption in Liquid Argon”. Advisor: Bonnie Fleming
11:20am - Kevin O’Neil, “How Does Actin Architecture Influence Myosin Assembly?”. Advisor: Michael Murrell
11:40am - Georgia Michelman, “Fitting and Classifying SDSS-V Spectra of eFEDS X-ray Sources”. Advisor: Meg Urry
Instructor: Charles Baltay (