The New Yale Wright Laboratory

Following the decommissioning of the WNSL tandem accelerator, the new Yale Wright Laboratory is now pursuing a broad research program in nuclear, particle, and astrophysics with emphasis on weak interactions and fundamental interactions.

The research program of the Yale Wright Laboratory includes studies of neutrino oscillation and neutrino properties, the search for dark matter including WIMPS and axions, as well as tests of fundamental symmetries. Yale's research in nuclear structure physics continues at several facilities worldwide.

Much of the research pursued at the Yale Wright Laboratory is carried out by international collaborations on five continents. The on-campus facilities of the Yale Wright Laboratory are undergoing extensive renovations in 2013-2015 to provide state of the art facilities for instrumentation and detector development, clean rooms for the assembly of ultra-clean detectors, and electrical and machine shop facilities for teaching and research.

The new Yale Wright Laboratory will provide critical research and teaching support for training the next-generation scientists and for developing cutting-edge experiments in nuclear, particle, and astrophysics.  Read more (download pdf)


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