Nuclear Structure

  • The Nuclear Structure Group

    The Nuclear Structure Group at the Wright Laboratory is involved in researching structural evolution in many different regions of the nuclear landscape. We have an active experimental program, which involves research at US and international facilities including CERN, Bucharest, ILL- Grenoble, GSI, Argonne, and NSCL.

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  • Nuclear Astrophysics

    The Nuclear Astrophysics group of the Wright Lab is studying selected nuclear reactions that are essential for stellar evolution and the standard model of the sun. We studied the formation of 8B in the sun (and the ensuing 8B solar neutrinos) by measuring at RIKEN and GSI the reverse process of the Coulomb dissociation of 8B. We are currently studying the formation of oxygen during stellar helium burning [the 12C(a,g) reaction] by studying the reverse process of the photo-dissociation of 16O. In this study we use the Optical TPC (O-TPC) shown in the picture, with gamma-beams from the HIgS facility at Duke and we are constructing with colleagues at Warsaw an electronic TPC (eTPC) that will be used at the newly constructed ELI-NP gamma-ray facility in Bucharest, Romania. We are also currently engaged in an attempt to understand the “Primordial 7Li Problem” by measuring at the SARAF neutron facility in Israel the interaction of neutrons with 7Be