Wright Lab Computing Group

The Wright Lab computing group guides the development of computing plans and infrastructure at Wright Lab. For a description of the goals and current membership of the computing group please see Wright Lab Computing Info. For all comments and suggestions please email

Wright Lab Services and Support

Wright Lab has dedicated support from ITS, provided by Jon Hamill, who maintains the various web-based collaboration resources and local systems that define the daily workflows of Wright Lab researchers, collaborators, and students.

Wright Lab's dedicated files+backups server is which has a total of 20TB local 'scratch' storage, 32TB attached storage capacity, and eight quad-core Intel Xeon processors available for general access by collaborators.

Wright.physics storage (click on images to enlarge)

For access to the server, please submit a username and your ssh public-key (as an attachment – the file is conventionally called to

Wright Lab computing is a 24/7 endeavor so if there is any emergency, critical deadline, or immediate issue in which email is not sufficiently fast, please feel free to call Jon’s cell number which is listed in our personnel directory and I’ll try to help out however I can.

Wright Lab Web Tools

Indico—Indico is CERN's Integrated Digital Conferencing used by Physics institutions around the world for hosting conference and event information

Wiki—The Wright Lab wiki hosts general content for projects including CUORE and PROSPECT

Elog—Elog is the Electronic Logbook application hosting CUORE, DM-Ice, and reactor logbooks.

Elog-Prospect—Elog-prospect is the Electronic Logbook application hosting HFIR logbook.

Docdb—Docdb is a document database for CUORE and PROSPECT project

Yale High Performance Computing (HPC)

Yale University is home to several high performance clusters that are managed by the HPC team under the Center for Research Computing. This includes the hardware, network connectivity, on-cluster filespace and storage, and the state of the software systems that run it all. The sheer volume of available cores (over 15,000), storage capacity (5 Petabytes), diverse machine architectures, and broad-ranging active research interests provides a stable computing environment for everything from big data operations to the daily research workflow. Our datacenters currently support connection to the Science Network and Internet2 networks which are accessible from central-campus network locations.

The HPC admin team handles software requests, content access, cluster accounts, and general support through , and general inquiries about consultations, grants, and developing efforts through

Yale Information Technology Services (ITS)

Yale ITS maintains and administrates the technical resources and services that Yale students, faculty, and administrators depend on for both the central campus and West campus locations. These services include webmail, wireless connectivity, classroom connectivity, and most importantly, the campus netid account which is used to authenticate to almost every digital resource on campus. Yale ITS maintains a number of campus-wide software subscriptions, workshops, and the recently launched Center for Research Computing.

Yale University has recently joined the Eduroam Network of international academic and research institutions which provides secure connectivity services for patrons of member institutions at any member site in the world. Eduroam authentication uses a patron's home institution's credentials (username+password) to login so all accounts are securely and independently managed by their respective home institutions. This feature allows a visiting patron to access network resources without needing to remember and generate a new/guest/temporary account+password. To connect to Yale's "eduroam" wireless network, please supply your username and password in the form of:

Username:   home-username @

Password:    home-password

General support is also available at several locations, from the various schools within the university, and the helpdesk, 203-432-9000.