• Advance the frontiers of fundamental physics through a broad research program at the intersection of nuclear, particle, and astrophysics.
  • Educate and train future leaders through a vibrant scientific program including seminars and master classes, topical workshops, and summer programs with special emphasis on developing skills to design and construct new instrumentation.
  • Provide shared instrumentation, facilities, and support to seed the development of new experiments.
  • Enable the development of novel instruments for fundamental physics by partnering with technical experts at universities and national laboratories.
  • Support the design, construction, and operation of experiments based at the Yale Wright Laboratory and other locations worldwide.
  • Advance scientific opportunities by connecting researchers and technical experts across subfields, and guide experimental searches and their interpretation by theory and computing.
  • Broadly disseminate scientific knowledge and technical expertise • Engage the public and students of all ages in scientific exploration through education programs and outreach activities.